Hammer Redemption Pearl Bowling Ball Ultimate Review 2023

Hammer Redemption Pearl Bowling Ball Ultimate Review 2021

Hammer Redemption Pearl is beautiful, especially when it comes to a high-performance Hammer bowling ball. The Hammer Redemption Pearl ball is easy to maneuver through the heads and has an angular backend reaction. This ball is strong and long due to the combination of the Redemption core with the Aggression Ne Pearl coverstock.

Hammer Redemption Pearl Bowling Ball Ultimate Review 2023

This bowling ball is made with DOT and carbon fiber infused, like some other hammer bowling balls! The ball’s DOT allows for drilling anywhere on the ball, and it also provides toughness. Carbon fiber is one of the most durable materials on Earth. Hammer added this material to the ball’s outer core to increase strength and durability. They can offer a 2-year warranty.

Specifications Of Hammer Redemption Pearl

PART NUMBER60-106256-93X
COLOR Black / Blue / Gold
CORE Redemption
CORE TYPEAsymmetric
COVERSTOCK Aggression NE Pearl
COVER TYPEPearl Reactive
FINISH 500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound
WEIGHTS 12-16 Pounds
LANE CONDITIONMedium to heavy oil
REACTION Aggressive backend
WARRANTY Two years from purchase date


Let’s begin with Redemption Solid. This is a massive piece. This is a strong forward roll. Redemption balls have a core that seems to want to move forward. This is a defining characteristic. They remind me a lot of the RipD line.

The Solid seems to dislike open angles. This is a very strong ball with a cover that is aggressive. It tumbles a lot. It felt strong. The house shot was so much more direct, it’s right through the face. James is right, however, and the ball loses its axis as he moves in. The ball doesn’t continue to drive. He works light hits that appear to carry. It was difficult to manage.

Hammer Redemption Pearl Box

The Redemption Solid drives hard and consistently through the pins when it is played directly. It is easy to see that bowlers with lower revs or axis rotations are able to benefit from the heavy roll. It was quite a different story when the ball was shot. It totally synchronized with the performance of Bill O’Neill at the Players Championship. We’ll discuss that later.

Let’s now move on to the Redemption Pearl. It has the same forward rolling characteristic. The Solid seemed to be losing its axis from earlier rolls, but the pearl looked a little too long and late. Although I usually like Crown Factory Compound, the ball didn’t seem to pick up. It was easy to fix with an old 1000 pad. T

Hammer Redemption Pearl Front

The ball began to form better. Because it was getting more period, the ball really began to gain some angularity. James was probably a little too close to the mark for the house shot. He saw a much better match-up on the sport pattern, which we will discuss separately.

Aggression NE Pearl

The Aggression NE pearl covers cut through heads easily and have a sharp break point. The Redemption Pearl is a great choice for Hammerheads. It can be used when the Redemption Solid has blasted up the lane. You will need a high-end ball that can get down there and deliver big backend motion and devastating hitting power.

Hammer Redemption Pearl NE

Redemption Core

Redemption’s core is strong and has a stronger overall hook. DOT technology is a new addition to the Hammer line. This ball is extremely tough because it can be used anywhere. The outer core of the ball is also infused with carbon fiber and has an orange inner core.

Bowlers Reviews


Likes: This is the first high-end end pearl ball from Brunswick, in the Hammer line. The Redemption Pearl is the name of this pearl, along with its counterpart.

It is a very interesting piece. Although it looks like My Hammer Rip’d Hybrid or My Hammer Statement Pearl, it seems to be more even-rolling. It has both the Roll of the Rip’d Hybrid as well as the angularity and the Statement Pearl.

This bag is a great keeper. Asymmetric pearl balls are my favorite, but they can sometimes get a little too flat for me. This ball is not that. It was usable from game 1 through game 3, but I have to say that I preferred the Solid ball. I then switched to the pearl and kept all my angles open.

Good Redemption Pearl performing is a reason to buy this ball. From that point, I was able to rule the boards without fear of Hook-Stop – the ball just kept coming!


This is my first Hammer ball in a while so I chose my favorite layout to take a look. The Aggression NE Pearl cover is beautiful and the Redemption core is more powerful than I thought.

This pearl is very aggressive. The box finish can be a bit tricky for me. The box finish was fine for this ball. This was done by drilling the hole and putting the pin in my ring finger, with a distance of about 3.25 from my pap.

Hammer Redemption Pearl Drills

Redemption Pearl negotiated the heavy oil and strong arc at the backend. I observed a very similar reaction when moving to a house shot to the flat sport pattern. The Redemption Pearl was able to go down the lane very well, but it blended the pattern nicely and created a strong arc. The Redemption Pearl’s versatility and the reaction were amazing. Although I haven’t yet drilled the Redemption Solid, I can see it complementing it very well.

The Redemption Pearl is a huge step down from my Track Proof and DV8 Intimidator. The Redemption Pearl allows me to get through my head faster and has a quick reaction shape. Overall, I’m glad that I bought this ball for my bag.


This is the first release from the Hammer factory since the Brunswick acquisitions of the Ebonite International brands. With their strong forward rolling characteristics, the Redemptions remind me of RipD balls. This ultimately makes them a value of 8/10.

They will fit into the 8-9-10 score range for down or in low rev rotation. It will fall somewhere between the 5-6 range for house bowlers with medium to higher revs. They were also easily A scores for sports to balance. This is what we have for Redemption Solid and Pearl.

People are curious to see if all the balls start rolling the same. It appears that Brunswick is trying to keep the brand’s characteristics. Hammer is a brand that I consider important.

James Alston

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

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