Storm Parallax Effect Bowling Ball The Best Review 2023

Storm Parallax Effect Bowling Ball Review 2021

Storm Parallax Effect bowling ball uses the Aeroflo Asymmetric Core. This core is similar to the Parallax original. Drillers can fine-tune their game using this new shape and technology. The core’s bottom section has an ellipsed hole. This allows the lighter core material constructs for a higher RG than most asymmetric balls.

Storm Parallax Effect 15lb, Tangerine/Midnight/Turquoise...
  • Coverstock: TractionX7 Pearl Reactive
  • Core: Aeroflo (Asymmetric) (14-16#)
  • Finish: 1500-grit Polished
  • Fragrance: Orange Coffee Cake

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This new formulation, which is paired with the TractionX7 pearl reactive material and polished to 1500 grit, offers durability and slower oil absorption rates. It’s a versatile piece that can be used with any style of bowler.


Spec Value
Color Tangerine/Midnight/Turquoise, All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown
Coverstock TractionX7 Pearl Reactive
Core Aeroflo (Asymmetric) (14-16#)
Finish 1500-grit Polished
RG 2.52 (15# ball)
Differential 0.054 (15# ball)

Storm Parallax Effect Overview

Let’s talk about Parallax Effect features. The Storm Parallax Effect bowling ball is powerful support for this high-performance bowling ball. This ball features the TractionX7 Pearl coverstock.

Storm’s seven most loved coverstocks, the TractionX7, combine all of their best features into one coverstock: The TractionX7. This coverstock is durable, versatile, and has a slower oil absorption. This core surrounds Aeroflo Core. This core has an ellipsed hole, which is filled with lighter core material. This creates a higher RG that’s usually found in asymmetrical bowling balls.

Storm Parallax Effect Bowling Ball Review 2023

The core has a flip block that creates a high total difference. The core has a flip block at the bottom that creates a high total differential.

The Parallax Effect pearlized is the follow-up to hybrid-shelled Parallax. The balls have the same Aeroflo core shape. It was created to look like a ball with a weight hole. Parallax Effect’s TractionX7 Pearl coverstock is polished to a 1500grit finish right out of the box. This finish is standard for shiny Storm products. The Parallax Effect performed well in both our medium and heavy oil patterns, unlike many other polished pearl bowling balls.

Cranker was impressed by the ball’s total hook on the heavy oil pattern. With polished pearls, Cranker needs to take a big step right to allow the ball to pick up the speed. However, this was not the case with Parallax Effect. The Parallax Effect had a lot of teeth that could read the midlane and make a strong move at its back end. This helped it quickly become a favorite ball. He could transition by making small moves to his inside and slowly opening up his angles.

Storm Parallax Effect Bowling Ball IRL

Cranker was three boards farther left than the Parallax with his laydown and target at arrows because of the strong cover provided by the Parallax Effect.

Extra Ordinary By Design

Each aspect of a bowling ball must have a purpose. Parallax Effect aesthetics may be distinctive but they are not just for show. Each shape and contour of its core, the unique chemistry of its cover, and the color right down to the finish are optimized for supporting its dynamic performance.

Follows Function

The Parallax Effect is a novel technology that takes you from the foul line to the head pin with ease. This tech is fast and efficient, with a potency that will keep you safe in tough oil conditions. It also looks great on the rack.

TractionX7 made waves when it debuted on the Parallax. It was difficult to combine seven of our top coverstock characteristics, but the R&D team rose to the challenge. TractionX7 highlights the durability of TX-16 and the backend R2S. SPEC has slower oil absorption rates. Simply put, TractionX7’s DNA is versatile and will stay put as long as you have it.

Storm Parallax Effect Bowling Ball Drills

Aeroflo Core has an ellipsed hole at the center that gives it a greater innate radius of gyration. This is in contrast to Storm’s asymmetrical ball design. The post-drilled RG numbers won’t be affected by the lightweight core material enclosed in the thumb hole. It maintains its dynamic through multiple drilling combinations. Drilling is now much easier and more user-friendly. After the fact, drills can no longer alter a ball’s reaction characteristics. Aeroflo Core can be configured to suit any type of bowler.

Customers Reviews


Parallax Effect uses the Aeroflo Core with a RG and differential of 2.52, 0.054 and a PSA value of 0.019 wrapped around the Traction X7 Pearl Pearl cover. My drill was 5.5x5x5 and I knew this ball would be a big hit after just a few shots. This ball has the same colors as a Sure Lock, but is much stronger than one. It’s a lot cleaner than the original Parallax and it doesn’t rev as fast.

This ball’s unique motion is a great attraction. This Parallax Effect ball is the right choice if you are looking for something stronger and more capable of handling multiple patterns.


The Aeroflo core is now used in the new Storm Parallax effect. This release was exciting to me because, while I enjoyed the strong Parallax move, it was too early for me. The shiny surface was supposed to give me more length, but it was very sloppy. You get more length with the new traction x7 pearl cover.

Parallax is a phenomenon that causes a house shot to change very rapidly. It was tested on a very steeply cliffed shot. It was in the second league game when I encountered difficulty with the ball I was throwing. I misread the friction. Although I expected the Storm Parallax Effect bowling ball to stick too hard on the dry, I figured that if I could get enough angle through my front, it would be fine. My first shot was a miss, but the ball went through the front and struck. The ball didn’t move sideways from the friction, which surprised me. It was an accident that I found the exact line I needed.

Storm Parallax Effect Bowling Ball Core

The Effect reminds me of the Intense Fire. Although it is a smooth ball that stores energy well, the friction has a slightly rounded shape to it. This helps to fight a lot of friction. It is strong enough to cover many boards and not cause major damage if you make small mistakes. The Storm ball has been great for me the last two league games. It is a little stronger when you try to get closer to friction on new lanes. This will make it a good choice for players with low to medium rev.


Storm Parallax Effect: This is the pearl cover of the Parallax family. The TractionX7 blends the best Storm covers into one durable and aggressive cover.

I chose my 45×4.25×35 layout. My original Parallax was a little more sideways than I expected. To allow the Parallax Effect’s pearl cover to move a bit more forward, I chose a heavier rolling layout.

Bottom line, I have asymmetric bowling balls that I can stay a little farther right with without worrying about it sparking off the friction. Asymmetrical pearls can cause me to have an over/under reaction when I take a house shot. I usually end up returning them in the bag after the first game. Based on my initial reading of the ball, the Storm Parallax Effect bowling ball I believe will allow me to control the pattern while still achieving the strong asymmetrical striking power that we all love.

James Alston

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

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