Tropical Storm Bowling Ball Review 2023

Storm Tropical Storm is a high-performance entry ball that will provide more lane action than a standard house ball. The Tropical Storm bowling ball is affordable and appealing to both novice and experienced bowlers. This may be the best ball for beginners who are looking for a reactive bowling ball.

Pros & Cons

  • An excellent choice for dry lane conditions.
  • The Core has a unique design with an inverted light bulb shape.
  • The material of the core helps the ball to make a very smooth transition.
  • For the core, the center of gravity of the ball is quite balanced.
  • The coverstock makes the bowling ball suitable for a very specific purpose.
  • The weight of the ball is ideal.
  • It is quite easy to control.
  • The reaction is way better than expected.
  • Good value for the price.
  • Good choice for beginners or as a spare ball.
  • Not at all good for oily lane conditions.
  • A bit weak compared to other balls of the series.
  • Not the most durable.

Storm Tropical Breeze Bowling Ball Overview

The Tropical Breeze Black Cherry has the same Camber core that the other three Breezes. This new offering features a high RG, low flaring core, and a hybrid Reactor coverstock. The Breeze Black Cherry has a longer life span than the Breeze Solid, but less than the Breeze Pearl.

Tropical Storm Bowling Ball Review

Our dry pattern was almost identical in the tamer ball’s reaction. The pattern was received by all three testers with an impressive reaction. They could either move in to slow the pattern down or hook it, or they could move further right to increase ball speed. Both adjustments had no negative effect on pin carry.

Coverstock:Pearl Reactive
Lane Condition:Medium-Dry
Factory Finish:1500-Grit Polished
Flare:Potential 2-4"
Core:Type Symmetric
Performance:Entry Performance

Only Cranker managed to maintain the ball at the 1500-grit polished box finish when he moved to the medium test. The medium test pattern was too long for the other testers. Tweener, Stroker and Stroker applied a 4000 Abralon on the cover and instantly felt the extra motion.

The Tropical Breeze Black Cherry is not suited for the long test pattern. The cover and core were not compatible even with a 1000 Abralon. Even for shots that made it to the pocket, the angle wasn’t ideal for carrying.

Storm Tropical Surge Pink/Purple 12lb...
  • Fragrance: Birthday Cake
  • Coverstock: Reactor Pearl Reactive
  • Weight Block: Surge Core
  • unisex-adult
  • Bowling Ball

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As with previous Breezes the core and cover are too weak to suit our sport pattern. This ball is best suited for bowlers who are looking for shorter or drier patterns, as well as any broken down patterns.


The Camber Core

Let’s begin from the inside. How the ball moves on the lane will depend on how its core performs. The Camber core, despite being criticized for its weak performance, performs very well. The ball actually transitions very smoothly on the lane. The camber core is responsible.

Breeze bowling balls all have a unique core shape: an inverted light bulb shape. This shape creates the balance you are looking for in these balls. You will experience a smooth and effortless bowling ball movement when you play.

Storm Tropical Real Photo

The Choice bowling ball has a balanced, symmetrical core design that gives you controlled movement.

The Cover

You may be aware that the core plays a significant role in the performance of the bowling ball, but it is the coverstock that plays the king’s part. The coverstock for the Tropical Storm Breeze bowling balls serves a specific purpose and does a great job.

It actually has a tested reactive pearl coverstock that is 1500 grit polished. It is dynamic enough to give accurate results with a smooth and stable ball curve.

Storm Tropical Prerender

It is therefore the best choice for beginners as it doesn’t give the ball too many hooks. This ball cannot be used on lanes with moderate oil or heavy oil. Oily lanes are the biggest weakness of the Storm Tropical Breeze Bowling Ball.

It does an excellent job in dry lanes. This is actually the purpose I was referring to a few moments ago. The ball is designed for extremely dry lanes, lanes where balls with a little hook can move like a tortoise, or even get stuck.

This is the place where the coverstock’s contribution lies. Professionals also consider the coverstock to be a little weaker than the other bowling balls in this series. It may not be the most durable.


Long, long, and more length. This is one of the most durable balls available for dry conditions. This Tropical Storm Bowling ball has incredible hitting power for a core that is very dynamic.


Oil. Tropical Storm Bowling Ball doesn’t like large quantities of oil. It can be used on shorter, broken-down patterns.

Storm Tropical Storm

Overall Summary

The Black Cheery Breeze is the fourth in a series of Tropical Breezes. This is the first time a hybrid coverstock has been used in this latest addition.

The Overall Reaction

Yes, the bowling balls are weaker than the others in the same series. It still manages to deliver a good performance. This is the best option for anyone looking for a bowling ball below $100. The RG rating of the ball is 2.57 with a differential value of 0.009. The Tropical Storm Bowling ball weighs 15 pounds.

Storm Tropical Surge

The ball is easy to control. This is the greatest thing about the Tropical Storm ball- control. But, the ball can only be controlled when it is in its own lane.

This ball is also used as a spare. It is useful when conditions are not suitable for the type of ball they normally use. The ball is not an exact substitute for the one they use.

It does way better than a spare ball and is good enough for beginners or serious light moments in the tournament where you need a specific shot that only this Storm Bowling Ball can achieve beautifully.

Customers Tropical Storm Bowling Ball Review

Joshua Ball Review

This Tropical Storm Bowling ball was for use in dry, shorter, or burned out conditions. It was the right choice in some cases. The ball was unpredictable at times. It would sometimes produce a crisp skid-hook reaction, with lots of carrying for the back end. Sometimes it would skid past the breaking point and leave behind the very little hook. Because of its unpredictable nature, I don’t think this Tropical Storm Bowling ball would be recommended to middle-speed tweens with lots of side rolls. This issue is being solved by the Storm Super Natural.

Frank Storm Tropical Breeze Bowling Ball Review

This bowling ball is a beast for a low-priced, hooking ball. Do not let the hook potential fool you. This ball has a very average hook potential on a medium-oil pattern. This ball hooks well once the pattern is broken down. My ball was pin-under drilled for an even arc and backend. It did exactly what I expected. It works well on a medium-light THS shot with synthetic lanes. My Tropical Storm Bowling ball speed is good, but I put a lot into it and get lots of revs despite my average speed. It hits hard and is predictable. It is also great for use in a house with wood lanes. The oil has a heavy oil in its middle and is dry outside of the 10 boards. So, 7 boards have been moved to the 7-8-board range by the oil. The Bowling ball responds well to the friction and continues its predictable break and roll. I have never seen this ball over-under or any adverse reaction to the wet alley. This Tropical Storm Bowling ball is a great choice for anyone, regardless of their skill level. This ball can do whatever you need.

Matt Reaction

This bowling ball was a bit more aggressive than the Tropical Breeze Pearl. Storm Bowling Ball had a better reaction to the pin-up method than the pearl version. However, it is only for patterns that require medium to light oil or as the lanes are broken down during the day. This bowling ball was perfect for what I needed at the end, and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs it.

Joseph Tropical Storm Bowling Ball Review

This Tropical Storm Bowling ball was purchased for dry lane conditions and to balance my arsenal. It was drilled pin up to go longer and snap at its back end. The ball will glide down the lane smoothly if it is kept outside 7 board, where it’s dryer. This saves it all its power when it grabs for the lane and rips towards the pocket. It hits like a beast when it is kept outside in dry conditions. It will slip right past the pocket if I miss it too often.

It is a great ball to use as a third-game ball when the lanes are starting to break down. Since getting the Tropical Storm Bowling ball, my third-game average has increased significantly.

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James Alston

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

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