Ultimate Ebonite Omni Ball Review 2023

Ultimate Ebonite Omni Ball Review 2021

Omni is the latest addition to the Ebonite range. Omni’s versatility was a big draw for all our testers. The Omni reminded us all of the V2, not just because it has the familiar black-and-blue colors but also because of its versatility and ability to be used in many different situations.

Ebonite Omni Blk/Blue 14lb...
  • Sport type: Bowling
  • It reminded everyone of the famous V2, not only because of the familiar black and blue colors, but the usability it provides on so many...
  • The Omni core is a new asymmetric shape for the Ebonite line, and the outer core has the proven DynamiCore technology for more power at impact
  • Ebonite fans will love that the Omni uses characteristics of the popular GSV 2. 0 cover. COLOR: Black / Blue CORE: Omni COVERSTOCK: GSV 2. 0...

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The new Omni core is an asymmetrical shape for Ebonite. The outer core uses DynamiCore technology to increase power at impact. The Ebonite Omni covers the GSV 2.0 cover, which is a popular Ebonite cover!


ColorBlack/Blue, The colors shown in the image may not reflect reality
CoreOmni (16-14 lbs)
CoverstockGSV 2.0 Solid Reactive
Finish500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad
RG2.501 (15 lbs Ball)
Differential0.050 (15 lbs Ball)
Hook PotentialHigh
ReactionStrong Midlane & Backend
Recommended Lane ConditionHeavy Oil

Ebonite Omni Ball Review, Features, Overall

Good, go to ball. The Ebonite Omni was one of the first balls to be released under the Brunswick brand. Brunswick did an amazing job releasing a ball that was so similar to the Gamebreaker series shape.

Ultimate Ebonite Omni Ball Review 2023

The color scheme matches the Gamebreaker and V2 solid balls. It is instantly recognizable from the outside, but it also looks great on the lanes. The V2 core’s smooth, aggressive arc is still evident in this model. However, it now has the asymmetric Omni Core. This could be called the first asymmetric Gamebreaker.

This saying is true: No black and white ball could ever be considered bad. It’s a beautiful motion. The pattern is read in a smooth manner, but the arcing into the booming move is evident. Smooth does not necessarily mean lack of angularity. It is angular, but it is understandable and not surprising. It is only when the pattern changes that it surprises you. It jumps when it begins to read well.

Ultimate Ebonite Omni Ball IRL

It’s great to stay ahead of the curve. If it does, it will signal you to move or slow down. James had to move 7 boards with his feet during the test session. It definitely begins to chew up the oil quickly.

Customers Bowling Ball Review


The new Ebonite Omni big motion ball is stunning. I drilled it up last week. It’s a large motion ball. This ball is a combination of an Asymmetric Omni core and a strong, solid cover stock. It stays more continuous down lane longer than other bowling balls in its category.

Although the ball will pick up quickly, it can also burn out early. The ball is strong through the pin deck. This ball can be used on high-volume oil patterns. This bowling ball is suitable for high-speed and low rev players. It’s a great start for Ebonite in the new plant, and Ebonite Omni is better than most bowling balls.


Brunswick’s first Ebonite line publication includes the Omni bowling ball. It’s GSV 2.0, and was completed at 2000. The Omni Core is a brand new design.

This ball is one of my most aggressive and asymmetrical pieces. It can be used for all three games in a league session. This is a rare feat for this type of ball. It allows me to play very close to the oil line with the fresh. The carry is also fantastic. It also allows me to forgive a lot. Many shots were lost in my hand, and I thought there was another 10 pin. But the Omni found it. My carry percentage for half pocket and swish zone hits is higher than usual.

Ultimate Ebonite Omni Ball Drills

Due to the pin down drilling, the back end is more angular than I expected. The Omni hits the pocket with plenty of energy and angle, so I can chase any oil that is left. The Omni is my top recommendation if you are looking for an aggressive, high-performance asymmetric ball, with a perfect ball speed.


This is the first Ebonite ball since Brunswick’s acquisition. I was very excited to try it. It has been a great success so far. It is very durable, has a predictable shape, and has more hitting power with the same predictable motion. It has a great shape in the middle of the lane, and it doesn’t mind seeing oil. I have tried it with higher volumes.

This ball is drilled below the middle finger using the out-of-the-box surface. This ball is versatile and complements many skip-flip products on the market. You’ll be able to use it in a wide range of lane conditions, and it will remain a viable option for your tournament selections.


The Omni has been used on 45′ Route 66, 39″ Middle Road, and 42′ Gateway Arch. All in a slicker home. The best thing about this ball is its ability to perform on all three patterns. Although I was skeptical about 45′, my pocket look was excellent early on. The pockets were very tight and my carry % increased once the oil started to drop. After gradually softening my grip and increasing my ball speed, I was able to keep the ball in my hands until the fourth game. It looked great on Gateway Arch. However, it was too strong for a benchmark ball. By the third game, I needed something to manage my angles. 6/1 can become cliffed crossing with other players who use sandpaper up.

It is similar to the Verge and Method Solid balls, but it has more continuation down my lane. The extra motion on my back allows me to chase the oil further left while still seeing recovery down the lane. This means I can keep the Omni in hand longer.

Ultimate Ebonite Omni Ball Render

The Omni is half-a-step faster/smoother than the Authority, and together they have been a great 1-2 punch this summer. The Omni revs up a bit slower than the Zing and Prism Warp, but it is a lot more comfortable.

The Omni is my favorite 2020 ball and I highly recommend it to all types of bowlers who use medium-to-heavy oil. If you only have two balls, the Omni is the best option.


The Omni gets a8/10 for value. On the house shot, it’s an 8/10. Those who love the classic GB motion will score higher. Because of its smooth, controllable arcy nature, it also earns a solid B in sport. This is a great release for the new Ebonite world.

James Alston

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

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