Heavy Vs Light Bowling Balls

Heavy Vs Light Bowling Balls

The Bowling ball is an instrument that the player uses as an enhancer of his play to knock down the pins at the other end of the track. Given the great variety of balls, one of its most significant and highly implicated characteristics is its weight.

The player’s interest should always be focused on choosing a quality ball with the weight that corresponds to its strength. Only in that way can you bow for a light bowling ball or a heavier bowling ball

The greater the weight of the ball, the greater the impact and the power with which it will hit the pins. Experts reflect that a player with great control does not necessarily depend on weight but can take any weight and adapt his coordination and strategy to it without any problem.

You can get a lighter ball hook by getting the right friction. I have even the ball’s deflection coupled with a perfect deflection to achieve the drive to all pins. Remember that the heavier the ball, the greater the hitting power.

What is the Light Bowling Ball?

The light bowling ball is specifically recognized for its low weight compared to other balls. This purpose allows for increasing the maneuverability for both beginners and children. In this way, the light Bowling ball is usually the most recommended if you have no bowling experience but want to practice continuously. We are talking about balls that are made of different materials and are between 6-10 pounds.


  1. First-timers: The light bowling ball stands out for being perfect for an amateur player because it allows greater handling during the throw.
  2. Age: Men and women can use these balls. The main advice is to consider the user’s age and weight since, in this way, a ball is chosen that is the extension of the person and not an obstacle during the game.
  3. Holes: the weight of the light bowling balls have smaller holes for the thumbs.
  4. Diversity: light bowling balls vary in the material of manufacture, which can affect friction.
  5. Weight: they are between 6 to 10 pounds depends on the user to choose the weight.


  1. Easy to maneuver: The light Bowling ball does not require too much power making it easier to throw. You can get the same power from a heavier ball by driving with force.
  2. Comfort: Extremely comfortable due to weight. It is not necessary to bend the arms excessively in the starting position. They are usually very suitable for the hands, so they avoid suffering from thumb problems simultaneously.
  3. Maximize the Beginner’s Experience: It can make you have no wrist pain or problems when you start.
  4. Controllability: The light Bowling ball can be manipulated and course-corrected without having to tilt it.
  5. Fit: The light Bowling ball provides adequate space for more specific modifications.


  1. Ball deflection: the difficulty lies in deflection with a lighter ball. The ball must be calibrated to the player’s strength or not make the proper shots. A lighter ball hitting the pin may not arrive with the necessary momentum to impact others.
  2. Lack of impact: The light Bowling ball has less weight, so the impact when hitting is less. It is possible to hit a pin, but the blow’s shock wave will be extremely limited. Avoid depending on these balls throughout the game because it can backfire on your score.

Benefits of Light Ball?

They are the most used to learn to shoot and continue the most difficult movements with normal weight balls.

When rolling the light Bowling ball, they lose tension and friction, so the person must develop a better strategy in the use of force and the ball’s directionality. Remember that the weight of the ball will always affect the turns that can be made.

The possibility of Blucher’s Thumb is eliminated. Since as a condition, it is caused due to pressure from the finger nerve. Because it will be the friction between the thumb and the holes of the ball that creates damage to the nerves, such medical conduction is excess friction between the finger and the holes, but the weight to which the finger is subjected also has an impact.

If you are a beginner and do not know what your ideal ball is, you should start with a light Bowling ball, and then in the course of the game, you add weight.


  • What is the specific weight of a light bowling ball?

 The light Bowling ball can weigh between 6 to 10 pounds, and the specials 4 pounds.

  • What is the minimum weight of the Bowling ball?

 The minimum weight is 4 pounds, being used mainly for children. In competitions, the minimum is 6 pounds.

  • Are there games that use light bowling?

 The use of the ball depends on the player and his comfort with the ball. Any weight can use.

  • Is there a weight limit for women’s bowling?

 Women can use lightweight bowling balls that weigh between 6 and 10 pounds.

What is the Heaviest Bowling Ball?

The heaviest bowling ball is balls with greater weight than the light bowling ball. They tend to be between 10-16 pound sterling. Doubt you poverty a custom ball with a higher weight, you should go to a specialized store approved for competitions.

Normally the ideal weight for a woman to play without problems is between 10-12 pounds. The man can add weight from 12 pounds. But as mentioned above, it is largely up to the individual to use the ball’s weight. There are no restrictions on this.


  • Shallow grip: the grip in the holes of the heaviest bowling ball are usually larger. Weight, as mentioned, depends on the personal preference of the player but also on the level he wants to reach, and the time he has been bowling. But great experts reflect that heavy bowling balls have greater advantages over light bowling balls.
  • The ball must be heavy enough for it to pick up speed when thrown. That means that if the ball itself does not have weight, it will slow down and thus the possibility of hitting a greater number of pins.
  • The ball: The heaviest bowling ball ranges from 10 pounds to 16 pounds. If you want more weight, the ball must personalize.
  • Hit and reach: the weight coupled with the friction it achieves is what allows it to reach a greater intensity of the hit, which gives it more energy to drive the fall of all the pins
  • Speed ​​and acceleration: the heaviest bowling due to the weight will have a slower speed, so the player at the launch has to achieve the proper balance with the ball’s force and control so that it is hit on the pin that was chosen strategically.


  1. Greater blow: we must understand that the capacity granted by the weight falls on the force that the ball has to hit the pin and that that same inertia expands in waves so that it is transferred to the other pins.
  2. Decreases deflection: The heaviest bowling ball achieves a greater deflection in the pin area, and this is an advantage that senior players often use as it significantly increases the percentage of precision with a constant in the game.
  3. Changes of direction: Senior players develop the ability to naturally control the curves that the ball will make when thrown. Being an extension of the body and not just a tool, the ability to release the ball affects the ball’s fall and direction.
  4. Engagement is greater: we talk about handling prominent arches, especially when a straight ball is achieved. This strong hook distributes the amount of force required between all the pins so that they fall without greater difficulty to the shock wave of the power hook.


  1. Control capacity: the greater the weight, the less control of the ball is achieved. At the beginning of the game, fatigue fixes not touch, but as the hook advances and the force to create the arches decreases significantly. The only way to solve this problem is to take a lower weight ball and create the appropriate strategy to reach the most pins with less inertia and power. It all depends on the skill of the player.
  2. Wrist sprains: As mentioned above, the weight is on the wrist, which puts so much pressure that it can affect its functionality. But also, this discomfort directly affects the speed and power of the ball. If the player feels that he will get hurt, it is necessary to check the ball’s weight and wear a wrist guard.
  3. Increased Tiredness before and after the game: normally, the player warms up before starting a game, but when using a heavy bowling ball, the problem is related to fatigue. It requires a lot of energy to throw a ball that weighs 16 pounds constantly. At the end of the game, the user may experience extreme fatigue.

Benefits of Heavier Ball?

One of the advantages of the heavier bowling ball is that the weight allows a greater release of the muscles, especially those of the arm and arm. But for obvious reasons, the legs will be affected when to the positioning that must have during all the balls launching. Such coordination between the hand and the feet allows us to carry out great strategies and use movements that involve sharp curves.

These balls are made of various materials to allow greater friction coupled with the weight. We must remember that the ball’s role is extremely important, and the benefit of the weight allows it to have the power to move from one point to another with the least amount of force from the player.

Senior players usually use the heavier bowling ball because it creates an infinity of movements that will benefit from the wave’s force that hits the pins due to the power that the ball takes as it advances on the track. But we must be careful because if coordination fails, the ball will go down the lanes.


  • Does bowling ball weight matter?

Its importance falls on the player’s weight and age because if a greater weight is taken than recommended, the user may suffer injuries or not advance in the game due to lack of control on the ball.

  • What is the light bowling ball one can use?

The ball bowling lightest weighs 6 pounds for competitions, but if you want the minimum in informal games, you can get 4 pounds.

  • What is the best bowling ball weight for kids?

The best ball for children is 6 to 10 pounds, but it largely depends on their age and builds. Remember that if you don’t control it, you can hurt yourself.

  • What is the best bawling weight for seniors?

We must remember that older players’ bones are delicate, so the weight must set between 8-10 pounds depending on the player’s age and body build.

Heavy Vs Light Bowling Ball

The heavy bowling ball keeps the player’s course when it is thrown and gives it momentum, so there is a greater probability of reaching all the pins. The light bowling ball also has its advantages over the fatigue that a heavier ball can cause.

Young children often use six-pound bowling balls, so they are not included in an official competition.

If you are observing for a careening globe for your child, choose a bowling ball that matches her age. There are weighty exceptions for children in handling and coordination with the ball.

It would be best to make small adjustments overtime to find the most suitable ball according to the age range. Still, you always have to consider the individual because it will depend on their strength and the flexibility they have in their wrists to perform the full shot.

 You must safeguard that the sphere provides the required comfort because that is the only way to enhance it. Remember that older people tend to suffer more injuries to their bones and muscles.

With the heavier bowling ball, balanced movements can improve play without overworking. In turn, there is no greater advantage than customizing the ball to the exact weight required during the play.

We must always avoid the imbalance between the body and the ball because the pressure will lose if we use a ball heavier than our body can support due to lack of information. Although the heavier bowling ball creates a higher percentage of accuracy, it can win with a light bowling ball.

Bypassing this protocol, you can choose either the heaviest bowling ball or the light Bowling ball.


As a senior bowling player or trainee, you must understand the difference between the heaviest bowling ball and the light bowling ball. Both will determine your experience as a player.

Ease doesn’t mean the most suitable choice for a game. Using a specific weight can make you feel comfortable, nonetheless, it doesn’t inevitably mean that it is the most suitable during the game and even for your health.

Remember that the bowling ball’s weight determines the direction and if when you lift it, the direction is completely guided by you because the ball is too light, and the momentum may deflect its direction as it passes the lane. However, suppose the ball is directed to where you are without any ability to coordinate the direction. It will be because the Bowling ball is very heavy when making the throwing movement.

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