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Bowling ball costs vary depending on what type of bowling ball you are looking at. There are many options on the market, from affordable balls for beginners to high-performance bowling balls for professionals. You may not be familiar with the market and know what price range is appropriate for your bowling balls. It is easy to pay too much for a ball that does not meet your needs. However, it is also easy to underpay for the bowling ball that you don’t need.

You need to be familiar with the different types of bowling balls available in order to find the best one for you. Once you have a good understanding of the different types of bowling balls: custom bowling ball, or fabricated- you can begin to look for other bells and whistles within each type and then narrow down a price range. Even a seasoned bowler can find it difficult and time-consuming. This guide will help you narrow down your search for the perfect bowling ball at the right time.

Bowling ball costs

What are the Different Types of Bowling Balls?

What is the best way to get started?

Picking from three cover stock types is the first step in finding your perfect bowling ball. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The costs of different types and models of bowling balls vary depending on their performance and needs. We’ll be covering that in a separate subsection. Here are the top four bowling ball coverstocks that you will find on the market.


Plastic bowling balls are a popular choice for intermediate and beginner bowlers due to their low price and durability. For expert bowlers who need to improve their game on spares, plastic bowling balls can be a great second bowling ball.

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Plastic bowling balls are not as powerful or as versatile as the other cover stocks, but they are much more manageable. To minimize mistakes and maximize scores, a beginner bowler can use a plastic bowling ball.

plastic bowling ball


Urethane is the ideal next-step bowling ball if you are moving up from a beginner to an intermediate level of the game. Urethane is just as durable as plastic bowling balls. However, the material’s ability creates more friction between the bowling ball’s surface and the lane’s surface makes it stand out. The material’s ability to cut through and jut through various oil compositions at lanes gives it a higher hook potential than its plastic counterparts.

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  • All bowling balls should be used at ambient temperatures
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  • The application of lane conditioners to all types of bowling lane surfaces is essential and critical to prevent both lane damage and ball damage

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A urethane bowling ball is a great choice for those who are still learning about the possibilities of a hook. It provides excellent corrective control and allows you to experiment with your shot, refine your hook and ensure maximum pin carry.

urethane bowling ball

Reactive Resin

Advanced bowlers prefer reactive resin as their top cover stock. This type of bowling ball is more expensive than the other two options, but the benefits of high friction and maximum hook potential make it worth the extra money. Reactive resin bowling balls are not recommended for beginners. They can be very sensitive to the lane conditions. A reactive resin bowling ball won’t work if you don’t know how to read the lane and adjust your shot accordingly to maximize oil density and setup.

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There are three types of cover stock under the reactive resin bowling ball umbrella: reactive solid, reactive pearl, or reactive hybrid. All three types of cover stock are able to react to different conditions but each has its own perks depending on the bowler’s throwing speed and hook sharpness.


If you are not an advanced or approaching professional bowler, it is best to stay away from these balls. Their textured surfaces can prove difficult for even the most experienced lane patrons. A particle bowling ball’s bumpy surface increases the friction quotient, maximizing hook potential and minimizing the possibility of error.

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A particle bowling ball can be used to improve the violence, sharpness, and reaction of your shot. These balls can dig into the lane in surprising ways. To make the most of these balls, you need to be a little more patient than a bowling lion.

proactive bowling ball

There are many types of cores

There are three types of cores for bowling balls: symmetrical (asymmetrical), pancake-type, and symmetrical (asymmetrical). A symmetrical core of bowling balls reduces flare potential and results in a smoother hook with a less sharp back end. Asymmetrical bowling cores can increase the hook’s sharpness and overall potential, react faster to friction and cause more back-end havoc than asymmetrical one. A pancake-type core bowling ball is more symmetrical than a symmetrical one due to its lower hook potential, track flare, and overall potential. However, its unusual shape allows for more control and reduces variance.

What Does a Bowling Ball Costs?

If you are looking for an in-depth overview of the best bowling ball models at every price point, our Top 10 Best Bowling Balls Reviews 2021 is your best bet. The price ranges for different types of bowling balls will vary, however. A basic plastic bowling ball will usually retail for around $19.99 to $60. Some of the more expensive ones are close to or exceeding the price $100 mark. You can find vanity bowling balls with your logo here $150. It’s simple.

The entry-level performance bowling balls are usually made from urethane and some reactive resin $75 to $50. These are a great starter kit for bowlers who have graduated from the beginning and want to play with hook potential, added friction, and more back-end smash.

You can get a high-quality reactive resin bowling ball that will suit any level of intermediate or advanced bowler for as low as $150 to $250. These balls are expensive, but the quality and durability of the ball are well worth it.

Some particle bowling balls may exceed the limit of $250. You should approach this mark with caution unless you are a top-level bowler and know exactly what you want.

The overall rating is excellent.

The average price of bowling balls

It is located in $90 – $140. The value of a bowling ball within that range depends on one simple question: How much do you value your bowling balls? If you are looking to get a quick fix with your bowling, you might be able to afford less. However, professional bowlers who have parts of their shot that need to be maximized will likely want to spend more. We want to highlight the best cover stock options available for all price ranges, including plastic, reactive resin, and urethane.

How to Buy a Bowling Ball

Many people are persuaded to choose the cheapest or most expensive bowling ball. However, there are some things you should consider when choosing one of these bowling balls.

We did some more digging to discover exactly what these factors are and how they could help you choose the right price range.

Skill level

It is essential to know your skill level with a bowling ball.

A top-quality bowling ball is fine for someone who is a professional and plays a few league games per year. However, beginners should find something that will allow them to start the sport.

How much do you play?

A professional bowling ball may not be for you if you are a casual player who just wants to have fun.

For beginners, it is best to stick with affordable bowling balls. Casual players may prefer to use an entry-level ball for the joy of the game.


When choosing a bowling ball, your budget is also important. If you have the money to support the sport and purchase the right shoes and bags, you can go more costly.

All too often, we find people with bowling balls that are highly expensive while they still need to use the shoes at the alley.

These three points will help you find the perfect bowling ball for your needs.

A good bowling ball can help you excel. If you are unable to handle a bowling ball, it could be more damaging than beneficial. We all have to start from the bottom in order to climb our way up.

What does the custom bowling ball cost?

A custom bowling ball will add value to your game $50-75. This is in addition to the base price of any particular ball. The cost of a bowling ball varies depending on which type you are looking at.

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If you are an advanced bowler and require maximum hook potential, and a custom-fitted ball, you might be looking at an investment that is close to or even exceeds the cost of a standard bowling ball – $300. It all depends on your goals and the equipment you use to achieve a custom bowling ball.

custom bowling balls

Last Thoughts

You should now have the skills and knowledge to choose the best bowling ball for you and your budget.

Although buying one is easy, it can be difficult to find the right one. You will need to take time to learn how to use it properly if you are just starting out.

We appreciate you reading this article. We’d love to hear your thoughts on choosing the right bowling ball and the costs you pay. We look forward to your comments.

Bowling Ball Costs F.A.Q.

  • So, What Is The Bowling Ball Costs In 2021 (considering the material, size etc)?
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    plastic bowling ballThe price ranges for different types of bowling balls will vary, however. A basic plastic bowling ball will usually retail for around $19.99 to $60. Some of the more expensive ones are close to or exceeding the price $100 mark. You can find vanity bowling balls with your logo here $150.The price range can be characterized as follows:

    • A basic plastic bowling ball will usually retail for around $19.99 to $60;
    • The entry-level performance bowling balls – $50-$75;
    • High-quality reactive resin bowling ball – $150-$250;
    • Some particle bowling balls may exceed the limit of $250.
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