Finding the Best Deals on Kids Bowling Shoes

3 Best Kids Bowling Shoes: Find the Perfect Fit and Comfort

Bowling is a fun and enjoyable activity for people of all ages, and it’s no exception for kids. However, when it comes to engaging in this sport, one crucial aspect that is often overlooked is the importance of proper footwear. Kids require specially designed bowling shoes that provide the right support and grip to enhance their performance and safety.

In this article, we will explore the key aspects of finding the best deals on kids bowling shoes.

Why Do Kids Need Special Bowling Shoes

Bowling shoes are not just a fashion statement; they serve a specific purpose on the lanes. Regular sneakers or street shoes may have rubber soles that can damage the polished surface of the bowling alley. Moreover, these shoes lack the sliding and braking features necessary for a proper approach and release.

On the other hand, kids’ bowling shoes are designed with sliding soles on one foot and traction soles on the other, promoting a smooth and consistent glide during the approach and ensuring a safe stop at the end.

Additionally, kids’ bowling shoes are available in a range of sizes and styles, ensuring that they fit comfortably and provide the necessary support for growing feet. Investing in a good pair of bowling shoes for kids not only improves their game but also ensures their safety while enjoying this recreational activity.

Key Features of Kids Bowling Shoes

When searching for the perfect pair of kids’ bowling shoes, several essential features need to be considered.

Finding the Best Deals on Kids Bowling Shoes

Size and Fit

Proper sizing is paramount to ensure comfort and performance. Bowling shoes should fit snugly but not too tight, allowing enough room for the toes to move and preventing slippage during play. Parents should measure their child’s feet accurately and refer to size charts provided by the manufacturer.

Slide Soles

The slide sole on the bowling shoe is designed to enable smooth gliding during the approach and release. Kids with more experience and skill may prefer shoes with interchangeable slide soles, allowing them to adjust the slide based on their technique and lane conditions.

Traction Soles

Traction soles provide grip and stability during the rest of the approach and at the end of the release. It is essential to have a firm footing to avoid any slips or falls.

Support and Cushioning

Kids’ bowling shoes should offer adequate support and cushioning to reduce fatigue and prevent potential foot injuries. Well-padded collars and insoles contribute to the overall comfort of the shoes.

Best Bowling Shoes for Kids

Pyramid Youth Skull

Finding the Best Deals on Kids Bowling Shoes

The Pyramid Youth Skull bowling shoes are the perfect choice for young bowlers who seek a blend of support, performance, and style. Whether they are just starting to learn the game or are already seasoned bowlers, these shoes cater to both right and left-handed players, making them highly versatile for kids of all ages.

Built to withstand the demands of bowling, the Pyramid Youth Skull shoes feature metal eyelets and heavy-duty stitching, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity. The upper design is adjustable and comfortable, providing a snug fit that allows young bowlers to focus on their game without any distractions.

The standout feature of the Youth Skull bowling shoes is their universal slide-sole design. With sliding soles on both shoes, including a rubber construction heel and felt sliding soles, these shoes offer a quicker break-in time and enhanced sliding capability compared to traditional leather or microfiber soles. This is ideal for young bowlers who need a reliable grip and easy sliding action during their approach and release.

Style is not compromised with the Pyramid Youth Skull shoes. They come in two vibrant and eye-catching color combinations: Black/Lime Green and Black/Hot Pink/Purple/Lime Green.

Bowlers Superior Inventory BSI Boys Sport Bowling Shoes

Finding the Best Deals on Kids Bowling Shoes

BSI offers a range of best-selling boys’ sport bowling shoes that have become a favorite among kids all over America for years.

These shoes are designed for durability and lightness, featuring an action leather upper with extra plush lining for ultimate comfort. The sliders come equipped with a common sliding sole, and some styles even offer cool designs like microfiber sliding soles or dressier-style loafers, adding a touch of flair to your child’s game.

The Boys Sport Bowling Shoes from BSI are far superior to rental shoes, providing superior comfort and performance. With an easy-to-use closure system, these shoes can be effortlessly put on and taken off. So, why waste time and money on rentals when you can get a pair of these top-notch bowling shoes today?

Brunswick Girls Mystic Bowling Shoes- White/Fuschia

Finding the Best Deals on Kids Bowling Shoes

The Brunswick Girls Mystic Bowling Shoes are the perfect choice for your daughter’s bowling adventures. These shoes are not only stylish with their white and fuchsia accents but also highly durable and comfortable.

Designed with a rubber sole, the Brunswick Girls Mystic Bowling Shoes provide exceptional durability and extreme comfort, ensuring that she can enjoy her bowling sessions without any discomfort. The foam-padded collar and tongue offer added protection, keeping her feet safe and supported as she bowls.

With pure slide microfiber slide soles on both shoes, she can make precise slides effortlessly, enhancing her bowling performance. The synthetic uppers are performance-based, making these shoes not just fashionable but also built for peak bowling performance.

Finding the Most Affordable Kids Bowling Shoes

Finding the Best Deals on Kids Bowling Shoes

  • Online Retailers. The internet is a treasure trove of great deals, and online retailers often offer competitive prices on kids’ bowling shoes. Many websites have filters that allow users to sort by price, making it easy to find the cheapest options.
  • Specialty Stores and Pro Shops. Local bowling pro shops or specialty stores may have clearance sales or seasonal discounts, providing an opportunity to find affordable kids’ bowling shoes.
  • Discount Coupons and Codes. Look out for discount coupons, promo codes, or special offers provided by online retailers or manufacturers. These codes can significantly reduce the cost of bowling shoes.
  • Seasonal Sales and Promotions. Keep an eye on seasonal sales, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or end-of-season clearances, when many retailers offer attractive discounts.

Used Kids Bowling Shoes

If budget constraints are still an issue, consider purchasing used kids’ bowling shoes. Many young bowlers outgrow their shoes quickly, and their gently used footwear may still have plenty of life left in them. Online marketplaces, local classifieds, or bowling communities are excellent places to find second-hand bowling shoes at a fraction of the original price.

Finding the Best Deals on Kids Bowling Shoes

When purchasing used kids bowling shoes, inspect the condition of the soles, heels, and inner lining. When considering kids bowling shoes cheapest options, make sure they are not excessively worn or damaged, and check that the sliding and braking features are intact. Choosing shoes that fit well and offer the necessary support for the child’s feet is essential.

Capitalizing on Kids Bowling Shoes Clearance

Several bowling retailers occasionally organize clearance sales to clear out old inventory and make way for new products. Kids bowling shoes clearance events can be an excellent opportunity to find kids’ bowling shoes at remarkably reduced prices. To stay informed about such events, subscribe to newsletters, follow retailers on social media, or check their websites regularly.


Investing in the right pair of kids’ bowling shoes is crucial for a child’s enjoyment and performance in the sport. Whether it’s finding cheap kids bowling shoes, considering used shoes, or capitalizing on clearance sales, there are several ways to get the best deals on kids’ bowling shoes.

Remember to prioritize comfort, fit, and the right features while being mindful of the budget. With the right pair of bowling shoes, kids can confidently step onto the lanes and have a fantastic time bowling their way to victory.

For the utmost protection and to preserve the pristine condition of kids’ bowling shoes, it’s best to use Bowling Shoe Covers.

James Alston

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

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