How much is bowling ball material (or all about bowling balls)

Bowling ball material: Best Buying Guide & Recommendations

If playing bowling games with the company of friends is your hobby, and you are thinking of becoming a professional team player, you will need your personal thing to throw! A perfect bowling ball! What do you have to consider before buying the ball? Today this is my job to tell you all about bowling balls.

What material is a bowling ball made of? How much does a custom bowling ball cost? These and other questions are to be answered here today.

Even if you and your friends are not yet professional bowlers, you probably know that there are different types of bowling balls. There are balls made of plastic, rubber or composite material. What is the best material for a bowling ball? It depends on such factors as your gender, weight, and ball brand.

bowling ball material

Plastic bowling balls

These bowling balls should be discussed first, as they are the most common and available for beginners. One cannot notice the number of advantages of plastic bowling balls which are the weight, design, affordability, and convenience.

The average bowling ball cost is not higher than $100 (if customized, though).

Customers prefer buying plastic bowling balls, and the bowling association reports them to be the most popular bowling balls since 1980. The first bowling ball I bought was also made of plastic. Beginner bowlers can rely on a good quality ball (plastic) as it has more friction in the bowling alleys.

How much does a plastic bowling ball cost?

As I said, the price depends on the material of a bowling ball. Some bowling balls reach a cost of $30, made of plastic from a major manufacturer, Storm, for example. Meanwhile, rubber bowling balls are purchased for as little as $10. They might have no brand, but the quality is not that bad, too.

Thus, you should expect to spend between $10-$30 on your ball as a beginner player. Plastic bowling balls are the most popular owling balls these days among most players from beginners to intermediate ones. Characteristics of plastic bowling balls are their lack of spin and hooking ability. They do not jump off the bowling alley, as have the least friction and fly straight when thrown.

How much is bowling ball material (or all about bowling balls)

Is there a difference between the bowling ball for a professional and a freshman?

However, if you are an aimed professional bowler who is not new to the game, be ready to spend between $90 and $140 on bowling balls. In the initial stages of playing, a freshman is recommended to use a plastic, polyester bowling ball to easier get into a learning process. Examples among professional players reveal prices from $90 to $400 per bowling ball ever bought in history. The most expensive bowling ball stood a record of $420!

Can I customize the bowling ball?

Sure! This is what makes bowling ball prices grow. You can get a perfect individual ball with personalized finger holes. Other than that, your bowling ball will fit your requirements, control, weight, material, and grip as well.

How much is a mass of a bowling ball?

It varies similarly to the price that depends on the materials used. Initially (exact history is not known) it was invented by Egyptians or German during the reign of Edward II in Europe, and weight about 11 pounds, however then it evolved and came to us with only 6 pounds. The size of the ball is 16 cm (6.3 in) which makes 6 pounds.

I guess plastic ones would weigh less. A good ball should weigh no more than 10% of your weight, by the way. Keep this in mind when looking for a perfect ball!

How much is bowling ball material (or all about bowling balls)

What other materials are used?

We have just discussed plastic balls, but what about such bowling balls made of polyester, urethane, and resin, reactive resin bowling ball or simply urethane bowling ball?

Polyester bowling balls

The mainstream of polyester is explained by its protective ability not to be affected by the oil on the bowling lanes. When you roll the urethane bowling balls, the angle of the motion can change the performance of your bowling ball core.

Anyway, if you want a less aggressive than other coverstocks with a smooth surface bowling ball which has a low hook potential, select a polyester bowling ball. This is the best choice after simple plastic or polyester balls.

How much is bowling ball material (or all about bowling balls)

Urethane bowling balls

Talking about another interesting example of a bowling ball, we need to consider urethane bowling balls, which are more durable than plastic balls and have more friction.

Frictions play on the swing and spin that might be interesting for intermediate and advanced bowlers when making beautiful strikes!

How much is this ball?

Despite it is more expensive than a plastic bowling ball, it is still in the borer of a reasonable price for the intermediate bowler, who can purchase the thing for $75 to $130.

This is the money you pay not for urethane balls but for better control, hooks and spare shots.

How much is bowling ball material (or all about bowling balls)

Reactive resin bowling balls

I should start with a price that is much higher than for the others. Reactive resin bowling balls can be purchased for below $250. It is popular among professionals, as throwing reactive resin balls requires good control and a new bowling ball in the history of the game.

These bowling balls are way better than urethane bowling balls. You might probably change them more often and this is one of the disadvantages, but for a professional game, these bowling balls offer better hooking potential and spinning ability.

Professionals will know what they are doing when sending such a bowling ball to a bowling lane. They are best for taking strikes!

However, follow my advice – if you are not a risk-taker, consider the price range of the bowling balls first before purchasing a reactive resin bowling ball. Would you rather learn to play first?

How much is bowling ball material (or all about bowling balls)

Particle bowling balls

The category that these bowling balls fall into is “not for everyone”. Hard to move, with incredible friction and uncontrollable hooking potential, these balls cause challenges even for professional players. Think twice before buying the balls.

The balls are not that expensive because intermediate and professional players rarely choose a bowling ball of such type, preferring them to a reactive ball or polyester ball.

For beginners, this type is not also convenient, and they would prefer a simple plastic bowling ball.

Their prices usually lie anywhere between $70 to $130.

Vanity bowling balls

Branded bowling balls with a specific logo can cost up to $150. There is little difference between a bowling ball made of plastic, but you can put on your print, a logo, or name on them.

How much is bowling ball material (or all about bowling balls)

The best material for a customized bowling ball

As it is easier to put on stuff on vanity balls, they easily become house balls in games. Special companies can drill your personal finger holes to fit. They might charge approximately $50 or $75 in addition to the average ball price.

Is the most expensive ball the best?

Our readers usually ask if they buy the most expensive bowling ball, will it guarantee wins? We comment that it depends. It depends on not only the bawling ball but your gender (girls usually struggle to carry and throw a heavy one), your professionalism level in the game, how you can control the drifting of your bowling ball and durability.

Take priority: comfortable use of a bowling ball or fancy image of you among the players? If you are not a person who shows off, then it is undoubtedly not worth your money.

Let us take an example.

Adam spends $150 on reactive balls, but he is new to the game. He is not familiar with straight throws, and this ball does not play on his side.

We think Adam should use a plastic bowling ball that is both less expensive and can help to develop the skill of throwing a ball.

Let us take a look at these factors that make a bowling ball perfect.

How much is bowling ball material (or all about bowling balls)

New ball or a used one?

Where can you buy a new ball? There are many online shops selling them with a range between $40 to $300 depending on the bowling ball material of the ball and customization. Sellers ask if you are a beginner or an experienced player to identify the best ball for you.

Beginners will typically pay between $40 to $60 for a ball, intermediates between $100 and $250, and advanced bowlers can pay in excess of $250.

When selecting a ball for you, please make sure you choose the correct size and weight. Try it to see if fingers fit inside, the ball is not big for your hand overall and your wrist does not hurt as on the lane it might become a problem.

Holes in the ball should be the same size as your fingertip grip. If they are not, you can lose the ball on the throw.

To save your budget, you can search for used balls at great prices. Before buying, though, try it on to fit your hands and check for damage. Good idea for beginners. Finally, it all comes from your budget and preferences to have a unique ball.

How much is bowling ball material (or all about bowling balls)


  • have the ball that fits your finger size and weighs no more than 10% of your weight
  • consider your level in the game and buy a plastic ball first
  • customize your ball to be proud of it (it doesn’t cost a lot)
  • do not spend more than $90 on a customized plastic cover stock ball


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