Stormbyte Bowling Ball Extreme Review 2023


Storm’s latest addition to their Master performance line is the StormByte. This ball features the same ERG pearlized coverstock as the Lucid and surrounds a new core called G2+. The core has a similar shape to the G2 core from the Sync but has a lower differential and higher RG. This gives it the ability to make a huge move at the back end.

We were able to get the best view of our medium test pattern thanks to the overwhelming backend reaction. The pattern was able to be understood by all three testers.


Storm Byte bowling ball is extremely hard. G2+, the core, helps bowlers to create more ball motion and more hook. G2+ will give you stronger directional change at the breakpoint, which will result in greater pin carry. The pearl ball will allow your ball to travel further down the lanes, gripping the dry lane conditions more easily.

StormByte Specifications

ColorSilver/Blue/Purple All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
CoverstockERG™ Pearl Reactive
Core TypeG2+™
Factory Finish1500-grit Polished
Radius of Gyration (RG)2.52
Differential (Diff).43
Hook PotentialHigh
LengthVery Long
Recommended Lane ConditionDry-Medium Oil


STORM Bowling Products has earned a reputation as an innovative company in bowling. We have developed new shapes and designs to give you the best advantage on the lanes. How do we do it? Each STORM ball is developed with a lot of sweat, blood, and tears. You won’t be able to see it until we are happy with it.

storm byte bowling ball core

We are confident that you will be pleased with the results once you have rolled the new Storm Byte bowling ball down your lane. Combining the proven Pearl Evolution Reactive Genesis (or ERG) Coverstock with the new-designed G2+ core gives you a strong change in direction at the Breakpoint. This will give you more angle to your pocket and better pin carrying. Who doesn’t love a few more hits in a game?

Why ERG pearl coverstock uses the same Technology as our NRG coverstock, but without the nano additive. ERG has a smaller footprint than purely reactive and grips dry boards like none other.

What is the difference between the G2+ Core and the original G2 in the Sync?

The new G2+ Core has higher RG and lower differential than the original. This modification allows for a more gradual transition and places more emphasis on the backend. It is especially useful for crackers and teens. The BYTE complements the SYNC in that it provides a later Breakpoint as well as a more interesting entry angle.

Storm’s October Premier release, the Byte, is the 3rd Premier Line bowling ball. The Byte complements the Sync which was released in February. It clears the front portion of the lane quickly and has a dynamic rearend motion. The ERG Pearl Coverstock, G2+ Core is the key to the Bytes’ incredible length and backend motion. When the pattern begins to dry out, the Byte will be active. This is the point where the Sync loses energy and cannot make the turn… the Byte can make it.

byte IRL

Layout for the Byte was 75X6X55 for dual-angle people, pin over the middle finger, and no additional hole. Mass bias slightly kicked out. My PAP is approximately 5 5/8 inches over and 3/4 down. I have a rev rate of 300 and a ball speed of 15 MPH. Right handed. I chose a slightly less formal layout to emphasize Bytes’ length and backend motion, especially since I need to move in and do more left-to-right.

The house pattern was the first I tried the Byte on. The Storm Byte was initially over/under, but the pattern started to blend and the Byte became a striking machine! The Storm Byte allowed me to really open up my lane and provided me with recovery that I was not used to. The Storm Byte was likened to Storm’s two bowling balls, the HyRoad Pearl and Sync core. First, I compared the Sync. The Sync rolled 10 feet faster than the Byte. The Sync core also had a stronger backend movement than the Byte. The HyRoad pearl was next to the Byte. Both gave me approximately the same length. The main difference was in the backend motion. the Byte was 3-4 boards more powerful than the HyRoad pearl.

The Storm Byte was also used in several sports patterns. The Byte was used for medium to short patterns that had some friction. When the pattern began to dry out, I was able to have a lot of success with the USBC Open Team. The ball started moving to the right and I had to move left. The Byte glides effortlessly through the front lane. The Byte was also thrown on a Viper pattern version on a hard surface. I found that the Byte’s length was an issue until the Viper pattern was broken down and the friction spot became more obvious. The Byte’s surface was straight out of the box.

However, I thought it would be great to have a pearl coverstock for the SYNC core. The core could be tweaked to get down the lane faster while still maintaining the SYNC’s hard rolling characteristics.

Storm then announced the Storm BYTE, and it felt like they were reading what I was thinking.

Victor Marion, the Storm technical expert, discusses how the BYTE was designed to reduce oil consumption with a lower RG and differential while maintaining the same block shape and weight as the original. He also uses a different cover.

I bought one BYTE, and I drilled it with a weaker pin to keep my angles straighter in the front of the lanes. The last thing I needed was another shiny, stand-left/throw-right ball.

real photo storm byte bowling ball

These numbers were 6 1/4 pin to the PAP, 3 3/8 key to PAP, and 5 pin buffer. My PAP is 5 1/4 inches over and 3/8 inches up. The pin is located above my middle finger, to the left.

Storm describes the ERG coverstock as being similar to NRG, but without the Nano additives. It is closer to a pure reactive. Storm and G2+ aim for a “strong change of direction at a breakpoint, giving more angle to your pocket and better pin carrying,” Storm said.

This is a very different story from the SYNC. However, my weak pin allows me to use square angles with great control.

The BYTE is very versatile and can be used in both hard and soft conditions. It’s also great for fresh conditions, as long as the conditions aren’t too oily or there’s enough roll.

It is a solid roll that keeps pins low. This is not a ball my bones and 3-operation wrist can generate messengers from.

The BYTE’s end of life (or failure) is also notified via the SYNC. This allows you to know with weak hits and/or less optimal reactions to the pocket. Our MBA Senior Masters was a perfect example. I had a spare 8-bagger, and then lost all reaction to the BYTE. It was gone by the middle.

This is a positive characteristic of balls. It is one of the worst possible things to happen to a ball.

The cover of the BYTE has not been changed. It is still shiny and functional.

Already ordered a second BYTE, and I will drill it more. This order is my best endorsement.

First Impressions

Layne’s layout will allow him to move into a medium roll, with slower transitions and higher track flare potential. Brad’s layout will permit him to have a more skid snap reaction, which means he will have strong motion and a quick transition off of the dry.

Coverstock is responsible for 70% of the ball reaction. However, the G2+ will give rise to the dynamic shape. The shape can be altered by drilling to match your game and the bowling conditions.

Storm G2+

To find the best solution for you, please consult your local pro shop, or Amazon.

The Byte is an excellent bowling ball that can be tossed out of the pocket. The Byte does not stand up as it enters the pocket. This means that it may not travel as far through the pins as it used to. For bowlers who have to go very deep, this could impact carry. Also, we noticed an over/under with the fresh shot using a pearlized ball on synthetics that don’t have the best backends. Sometimes the ball would push, while other times it would grab. This particular situation makes it a good ball, but it is not the first. This ball may not be the first to come out of your bag in certain circumstances.

The core provides a lot of midlane motion and is strong on the backends. The ball is strongly asymmetric, so it won’t be as smooth as its symmetric counterpart. It would be nice to see the ball with a surface, but we were unable to test it outside of the box.

Customers Ball Review


I chose my favorite layout from the Byte. Pin my middle finger above the CG, and it kicked out at 45 degrees with a small hole in my axis.

The following patterns were my experiences with the Byte:

House, Abbey Road Broadway, US Open Badger, and Wolf

When I first threw my Byte, I was unsure what I would get. I don’t have Sync rolls that are very heavy so I was not sure if I would match up with it.

The new G2+ is a significant improvement from what I’ve seen. The Byte does exactly what it should. It creates more distance and angles down the lane. It is reminiscent of the Paradigm original with its ability to create an angle down the lane. It cleared the front of the lane and created a strong angle through the pins.

My Byte is more straight-lined than my Lucid or Marvel Pearl. The Byte is a strong pearl. The Sync will complement the byte well with medium-to-long patterns.


What I wanted from this Ball. I was a big fan of Storm Sync and wanted a pearl version. Sometimes my Sync begins too early so I wanted to be able to switch to Pearl and keep the line.

This is the result: I received one of my best compliments on a ball that I’ve ever thrown. With the same amazing backend reaction, I can simply switch to another Byte if it starts rolling too early.

This ball was tested on our home on wood lanes. The house pattern is 16-18 ft. in heavy oil and buffed to 32 ft. The mid-lane can become very dry quickly if there is an out-of-bounds. I bowled five games using our pattern and the ball was clean through the heads with a strong backend reaction. For five more games, the ball remained clean through the heads. This was exactly what I needed. Over the next five games, I moved in deep. I was able to create an arcing reaction with the ball on our shot while clearing our dry area. I also had the same hitting power as before. I tried to use the ball to the outer lanes but the out of bounds was not favorable to me so I went over the top.

The Sync is a wonderful complement to the Storm Byte. This ball is my go-to for situations when I don’t want to change to a pearl ball. But, my solid is getting too mobile.

This ball is highly recommended to all types of bowlers. These balls have been sold many times with no complaints and great feedback. Customers report that the ball is larger than they expected.


My previous ball was iQ Tour Fusion. The Byte, which is the follow-up release to the Sync, is one of the most anticipated balls on the market. Many people who like to bowl have asked the same question: “Is this ball going down the lane faster than my Sync?” The Byte has a new Core name G2+, but it is the same shape and size as the G2 in the Sync. Like some other pearl balls, The Storm made these changes to the core to prevent the ball from starting too early and not giving the backend motion the ball needs to recover. I didn’t notice any decrease in mid-lane response with a higher RG (aka length), and a lower differential, (aka flare).

I was able to throw the front 8 and then ring a 10, before punching out the fourth arrow. This was my first game from the box. To increase your angle of entry, the pearl cover will propel the ball down the lane. It will also bounce off the dry. We all know that if you don’t have the right entry angle, it is impossible to carry 10 pins to the pit. This ball blends in the over-wall that was present when the league started. It is paying huge dividends. I can trust that the ball will drive through the 1-3-5 and split 8-9 pins. The G2+ provides a solid heavy roll and a consistent response.

This ball will bridge the gap between asymmetrical, pearl, and high-performance in any player’s game. This is a vital part of every player’s arsenal and should be filled. The Byte can fill the gap between your high-performance balls and your mid-range balls.


This ball was drilled for long and medium-long patterns. This ball was to be my go-to ball when I needed it to make its move at the end instead of turning left at the end. This is my first time drilling a ball this way.

It was only recently that I had the chance to drill it.

This ball was amazing, even though the shot was new. The ball was so easy to roll, it opened up the lane in a way that I haven’t seen before. My feet had approximately 10-12 boards and 5 boards at the Arrow. I just needed to change my wrist positions. It wasn’t sensitive to speed. It was fine if I was a bit soft. The ball was still smooth until the break point. The ball compensated for my speed by absorbing the extra carry.

At 22 years old, I was standing on my feet and began rolling at the arrows at 14. (I usually walk 7 boards). The ball held its pocket well if it didn’t have enough space. If I bumped it correctly, it would come back. About seven frames into the first game, I had to start moving. After 2 games of chasing the shot with my feet, 8 boards at the arrows, and 4 boards on my feet, I was forced to put it away.

While I am sure any ball would have looked great in this version of the THS, I loved the way that the Byte moved down the lane, read the breakpoint, and rolled over 8 (not every …).). The ball glided smoothly through the heads and at break point thanks to not using a skid/flip drill. I am considering drilling another one to see how much I can get from a skid/flip drill, but I don’t know when I would be able to.

The ball will go in my tournament bags. However, I doubt it will make it to our THS. Once I get the chance to use the Byte in a sport/animal, I’ll post an update.

This ball is a great release from Storm. I’m looking forward to seeing it live up to its potential.


Storm Byte’s strong, asymmetrical core will give you a revvy look in the midlane while still providing strong backend motion. The ERG cover is pearl polished and allows for great length. You need to make sure that you have the right layout if you want to go deep. Otherwise, the ball could break through the pins. It’s a simple decision to purchase the Byte as the 1-2 complement if you already own the Sync.

James Alston

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

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