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Storm Axiom Bowling Ball

Storm’s Master line is joined by the Storm Axiom, who quickly becomes the largest hooking ball in this series. Its Orbital core design features a slightly lower radius of gyration and a very slightly lower differential compared to the Velocity core of the Phaze II. The biggest change is in the coverstock. The new NeX coverstock on the Axiom has a more aggressive cover than the Phaze II’s TX-16 veneer. This new shell was also prepared at 3000 Abralon for factory surface preparation. It handled oil better than the R2S and NRG covers.

Pros & Cons

  • Strong mid-lane read
  • Offers angle into the pocket
  • Cool visuals
  • It is not as easy to read as a specialist ball, but it does offer a greater angle and reading ability.
  • Price tag
  • This ball’s NeX coverstock may need to be maintained/updated for a long time, but it will only be time that we find out.

This is the test pattern for heavy oil that this ball performed best for our three testers. The 3000 grit sanded pattern allowed the Axiom’s grip to be very strong in the midlane. It also created a greater change of direction on its clean back end. Cranker, Tweener, and Stroker kept their feet on the box finish as it created good traction in the oil. All three testers were able to move their feet as the track and front began to crumble, and they could then catch more oil in front of their targets, pushing their balls to the desired breakpoints. The Axiom’s added angularity downlane is where it really shined. You can find it here.

Storm Axiom Bowling Ball

Storm Axiom Specifications

Weight Block:Orbital Core
Finish:3000 Grit
Flare Potential:High
Radius of Gyration (RG):2.48
Differential (Diff):.050

Storm Axiom bowling ball has been using NRG, almost a decade to make it a standard in its coverstocks. It’s time to upgrade! Storm’s first reading cover is NeX (Nano Extreme). NeX Solid hooked much earlier hooking than NRG on any of the patterns or surfaces we tested. NeX Solid created 11% more entry angle after 50 shots than NRG, and 9.6% more overall hooks. Simply put, NeX provides more midlane reading than ever without sacrificing any backend. Wow.

Storm Axiom Pearl 12lb, Red/Blue/Black...
  • Coverstock: NeX Pearl Reactive
  • Weight Block: Orbital Core
  • Ball Color: Cobalt/Graphite/Candy Apple
  • Fragrance: Peppermint

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The Orbital Core’s RG axis is very low. The ball’s resistance to changing its direction along the lane will decrease the lower the RG. The ball’s core is made up of a central ball that drives the motor and blends into the end.

Storm Axiom Bowling Ball Overall

The Storm AXIOM bowling ball was never released on March 20, before the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the bowling industry.

However, my Storm Axiomhad been used in a few tournaments so I thought I’d give a quick review.

The Storm Axiom includes the NeX (Nano Extreme), a solid reactive coverstock, which is the most recent version of Storm’s nanotechnology.

Storm Axiom Real Photo

Extreme is Storm’s earliest reading cover is a reading cover that was reportedly published at the earliest possible time. However, it has more down-lane motion than you might think.

Storm Axiom bowling ball stated that NeX’s “standard durability and longevity tests showed NeX had 11% more entry angle, 9.6% more overall hook after 50 shots than a new NRG cover. NeX is more effective than ever in midlane reading, and it does so without sacrificing any backend!

The Storm Axiom is equipped with a 3,000gri Abralon box finish, and the NeX is fitted around the new Orbital core.

Storm Axiom Render

I selected a drill I’ve had success with a few other symmetrical, the FRANTIC-S and MARVELS. With my PAP of 4/7/8 over and 5/8 down, the ball’s numbers were 4 7/8 pin-PAP and 5 3/8 MB -PAP, and 4 3/4 pin buffer.

One thing to remember is that I throw 14-pounders. They often have different core numbers than the 15s and 16s that I use.

For RG or differential, 16s are 2.47 & 0.048, 15,s are 2.48 & 0.050, and 14,s are 2.55 et 0.049. This means that my 14 may get down the lane a bit longer than my 15 and 16.

My AXIOM was used on two tournaments: singles and doubles on house shots using synthetic lanes.

The singles hooked me more. I used relatively weak equipment initially, but once they were wet-dry I started to move in the balls.

I grabbed the Storm Axiom and went 5 more boards. Finally, I found the pocket and rolled the best game of the day. It was still not a great ball reaction, but it was better than I expected.

It was evident that there wasn’t enough oil, so I left a few flat 10s and a weak mix 7.

The AXIOM completely tamed my over-under, wet/dry reaction was positive.

The doubles at Sunset Lanes in Dickeyville was a tournament Chris Pounders and I won, and for me, it was mostly about the Roto Grip UFO.

Storm Axiom IRL

However, I began with the AXIOM because it gave me solid reactions to what was a new high volume pattern.

I was able to play fairly direct 10-board on the fresh. This is something that I have never seen with a ball as powerful as the AXOIM.

It was partly due to the large volume of the pattern but also the smoothness of the AXIOM. The AXIOM went through the pins very well until the lanes started getting wet-dry, and then those flat 10s began showing up.

To make the ball shine when I move left into oil, I thought I needed an additional 50-100 rev rate.

The fact that I do not have it and will never have it again is a factor in my age. So the AXIOM is unlikely to be a ball that I can use in a variety of lane conditions.

It is easy to control and still rolls up in my back-end, so I expect it to work well on new Sport and Challenge patterns that have higher oil volumes.

Storm Axiom Texture

It is not a ball that I would shoot big scores with but one that I can consistently score solid scores and keeps me from getting into trouble. It would have been great to have it for the new minors pattern at the recent USBC Open Championships.

The AXOIM could be great for two types of players: the low-rev guy looking for something that can get into a roll when other balls won’t, and the high rev player looking for something that will make them feel strong and smooth when they are in a puddle.

Customers Reviews


The Storm Axiom will be your next signature bowling ball. This ball introduces the Orbital core and the NeX (Nano Extreme), coverstock, which is an upgrade of the NRG. The NeX Solid is a fast and accurate reader of the lane. However, it doesn’t lose any backend reactions. The Orbital core has a low RG, making it a good match for the NeX extreme is storm’s earliest reading cover stock.  NeX Solid hooked much earlier hooking than NRG. It also helps the ball resist the temptation to change lane directions. This ball is best suited for medium-to-heavy oiled lanes.


My AXIOM 50×4 3/4x30x30 was drilled. I put it in the box of 3000, but it was too heavy to handle.

My AXIOM was thrown on the PBA50 Bill Hardwick 44 condition as well as our 40′ house shot. My GRAVITY EVOOLVE had a stronger reaction to the Hardwick, which is a 44-foot/28.4 million shot. Because the AXIOM wouldn’t grab downlane, there was only one pair in the middle that I had to take to the EVOLVE. Comparing the EVOLVE to what I saw, it was very good downlane motion. It was so strong that it was thrown in the middle of my ALL ROAD. I had to widen my angles to see it.

The AXIOM looks very similar to the PHAZE II, but with more movement down the lane. These two should make a great 1-2 punch. I cannot wait to drill an AXIOM a little weaker and smooth it out for use on medium patterns, to make the most of the great back end motion.


I was wrong to think that the Axiom would be stronger than it is, especially for our house shot. It is a good thing because I will have a ball to use in tournaments that aren’t on my house shot. I remember feeling excited when I first tried to throw the ball at league practice. I don’t have any such equipment on my back. My equipment is usually long and squeaks at the back.

This ball Storm Axiom will definitely be a part of my tournament equipment. It was difficult to carry and I wanted to try the Axiom. I bowled a league game with it the first night. The lanes started to fail in the third game. It was not that it wouldn’t hook outside, but because it would hang on my inside. It looked great and I was able to get the 10, out. It didn’t leave me a 10 when I was using it.

This was what I saw on the Statue of Liberty that night. I was playing on the 10 board, and the ball was hitting my pocket and carrying me. Because of my speed, rev rate, and speed, I struggle with long oil patterns. This ball Storm Axiom was able to get the 10 to hold, leaving a lot of weak 10s. It is a ball I look forward to trying out on other sport patterns.


Storm’s VLS was used to drill the ball and it worked great. The ball works great on medium-to-slightly dry lanes if I keep my release close to the ball. I can push the ball slightly to the side of the oil is too heavy. The oil will then be plowed through by the ball. For medium length and smooth movement. Ball speed between 14-15mph and 320 rev. A house shot should have a minimum of 3-4 boards to reach break point, and still hit the pocket. It can be either light or heavy depending on the ball speed and left or right, but it will carry 90% of the time. It’s a great ball! Great job!

James Alston

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

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