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nuclear cell bowling ball core

The latest Nuclear Cell bowling ball to use Roto Grip’s asymmetrical Nucleus weight blocks is the Nuclear Cell. This core is available in many different forms, with each coverstock being paired with a new coverstock. The Nuclear Cell does not differ from the others, because it combines this proven asymmetrical nucleus weight block with a new eTrax P20 cover. This is an aggressive pearl, which comes out of the box with a 1500 grit polished surface. This is a very aggressive pearl and comes out of the box at a 1500 grit polished finish.

The famous Nucleus Core is located inside. This is the most versatile and asymmetrical design of a core ever made. This core is versatile and can be used in any way you want.

Roto Grip Nuclear Cell 15lb...
  • Core: Nucleus (14-16#)
  • Coverstock: eTrax-P20 Pearl Reactive
  • Finish: 1500-grit Polished
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Medium Oil-Medium/Heavy Oil

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The R&D Team has been hard at work formulating and mixing coverstock materials. The latest version of eTrax Pearl includes a chemical additive and ratio changes to improve traction in the middle lane and reduce friction down the lane.

The Nuclear Cell is sure to become a fan favorite quickly and be a staple in every arsenal. You don’t need it in a box if you want something long-lasting and powerful. Scuff the cover to make it smoother and faster. This will be a versatile ball that you have in your arsenal.


Coverstock TypePearl Reactive
Core TypeAsymmetrical
Recommended Lane ConditionsMedium to Medium Heavy Oil
Reaction TypeEasy Length with Strong Backend Motion
Radius of Gyration (RG)2.52 (15lb.)
Differential (DIFF).056 (15lb.)
Mass Bias Differential (MB)018 (15lb.)
CoreNucleus Core
CoverstockeTrax - P20
Factory Finish1500 Grit Polish
ColorPurple Haze / Burnt Orange / Red Hot
PerformanceHigh Performance

Overall Roto Grip Nuclear Cell Bowling Ball

The Roto Grip Nuclear Cell bowling ball is exactly what you would expect. It’s back for those who love the Nucleus core movement. This is a proven formula, so we keep enjoying it. I don’t think anyone will complain. Another Cell has taken its place. This ball is very different from the Halo Pearl, which is another pearl asym. The Centrum core is positioned forward at the end of the pattern. However, the Nucleus is more round and continuous.

Roto Grip Nuclear Cell Bowling Ball 

This case is clean and angular with the Nucleus core. I don’t like factory shine so I used an old 2000 pad to lightly scuff it. I struck a lot. It’s not a throw it directly ball. It is too angular and can be difficult to hit the mark. It likes more space and open angles. It can chase deep as it needs to.

Higher rev rates are more obvious. It created a wide pocket. It has such a lovely shape on the lane, it made me feel very comfortable. There is plenty of room. The ball’s core shape makes it easy to miss in. Note that I started with an OOB surface, and was not very happy. I had my fair share of corners and completely unnecessary over/under. So you can see what I mean, I am showing you the photos. After that, I quickly scrubbed it and realized what a wonderful ball the Nuclear Cell was meant to be.

Sean saw the typical pearl asym appearance. Again, the ball has an aggressive, angular shape. It’s not quite a skid flip, but it turns hard and drives. Sean could play very naturally near the third arrow on this house pattern, and the ball just barrels through all the pins. Sometimes, it doesn’t seem like the ball deflects through the pins. He can also play the straighter line with less rotation. Overall, he has the same qualities I mentioned earlier and is a great motion.

nuclear cell bowling ball core

Bryan plays the ball in a more down-and-in style. The shape of his ball is similar to his but on a smaller scale. Bryan is playing very direct in the 7-8-9 zone through the arrows that run straight down the boards. You can still see the hooking motion at the end of this pattern. Although it’s not fast, it is visible. It’s easy to see the asym hard setting for such a great motion, which Bryan doesn’t use as often as the Phaze III. Bryan isn’t a fan of pearl asyms, as they don’t fit into the bag. He prefers the rounder, more symmetrical look of a Marvel Pearl when he has rolled down a pearl.


Roto grip is promoting their Nuclear Cell as one the most versatile core design for bowling. It’s paired with a new version of the eTrax pearl cover system that provides excellent mid-lane traction and a polished coverstock. The Nuclear Cell launch is a great success, from what I have seen.

I began with my pin down layout and moved the mass bias towards the vertical axis. We used to have to use weight holes for layouts like these, but the new 3/3/1 ounce rule on static weights means that almost any layout can be done without a balance hole. In the past 2-3 seasons, I wasn’t able to match up with the Roto Grip Asymmetric balls. For me, the Halo core motions were stronger in the middle-lane but lost momentum in the backend. They have been great for our customers so it’s not a bowler-specific issue. The No Rules series was the same. I have avoided Rotos since they offer stronger core asymmetries. Roto Grip Nuclear Cell will be the ball to bring me back in play with their asymmetric equipment lineup.

Nuclear Cell Box

My favorite part of their market entry is the core motion. Roto Grip Nuclear Cell bowling ball has a 2.52″ rg core that produces plenty of power. The ball will begin to shift its direction at 20-30 feet. This creates more room for error down lane as you can throw the ball confidently knowing it won’t exceed the breakpoint. The ball will not stop moving once the Nuclear Cell changes direction. The cover is 1500 grit and provides length to the front of the lane. It also makes a noticeable difference in direction (I’m left handed). Nuclear Cell changes its direction quickly but does so with some control since the ball likes to rev so early in front of the mid-lane distance.

Since it matches up well at one of my league centers, I haven’t tried to change the surfaces. There are also several duller asymmetric options that I have right now. They work well in a variety of surfaces, from a little slicker like Physix or Prism Solid to a much slicker like Intimidator or Redemption Solid. This one will be comfortable in medium oil lane conditions and when there are dry boards around your target.

nuclear real photo

The Nuclear Cell from Roto grip is a fun ball that can be used to open up the lane and create huge backend angles. This one, based on what I have seen, should be in the Roto Grips lineup for quite some time.

Customers Reviews


Fan-favorite Nucleus core is wrapped in eTrax-20 Pearl Reactive cover to create the new Nuclear Cell From Roto Grip. This combination results in one of the most responsive balls made.

The Nuclear cell was tested on a new house shot with very clean back-ends. The friction was so strong that I had to throw it much farther left to right than any other ball I tried. This was not the best option on the fresh. If I didn’t make enough angle through the front, it was too much in my back-end and I was certain to leave a nasty split. It got even better as I moved to the left. The ball is so dynamic at the end of the pattern, that I felt impossible to miss it when I was left of the 3rd Arrow.

nuclear cell unpacking

The fill shot was completed the next day, so I returned to check on it. The back-ends of the ball are very tight and the Nuclear Cell was perfect for this situation. Although I had to move the ball slightly further out of the friction area, it was easy to get it off. I moved in where I normally play, and I was pleased to see that the ball picked up down-lane. It shined, even more, when I moved in, it has a great release and the Nuclear Cell can get back from anywhere.

Also, it covers boards with exceptional carry. This ball is strong right off the spot. It’s so strong that you can’t see the over-under with pearl equipment. Because there is never ‘Under’. Now the Nuclear Cell is my absolutely favorite ball.


Roto Grip is the manufacturer of the most versatile balls. The Roto Grip Nuclear Cell bowling ball is the newest Cell-cored bowling ball with a versatile asymmetrical core design. The same Nucleus core as in all Cell bowling balls so far. The RG is 2.52, the diff.056, and the intermediate diff.018. With a RG of 2.52, diff.056, and an Intermediate diff.018, the nucleus core is covered in the new eTrax-20. It is a pearl cover stock, whereas the Fused was Hybrid.

The new formula of the cover stock makes the cover stock cleaner through the fronts and less angular off-the-spot. After throwing it several times, I removed the shine. I find 3000 Grit Abralon works best as it allows the ball to be completely clean through the front. It is also smoother and easier to remove the polish.

Roto Grip Nuclear Cell is a killer house shot ball with a good ball speed. It’s much better than my previous Hyper Cell Fused. Most house bowlers will enjoy the ball’s easy length and backend. This ball is great for medium-sized shot patterns, or later in the block when ufo becomes too much. However, the wild streak is still in play.


Cell line gets a 10/10 for value and a 10 for house shot. It’s no surprise, why Cell is so a popular and successful line. It gets the benefit of the doubt because…well…it’s a Cell. Your score can be determined by the sport shot. It is evident to me that it comes into play with the surface. This is, in the end, the typical pearl asym. The Nuclear Cell is the best choice if you are looking for something clean and angular, with a heavy asym roll. This bag is a must-have for Roto fans.

James Alston

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

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