Best bowling balls for seniors (useful advice)

4 best bowling balls for seniors: your choice in 2022

We hope this list of some of the best bowling balls available for seniors will give you an idea of the best route to take to meet your needs.

Image Product Features
 Best bowling balls for seniors (useful advice) Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball Hammer is calling to what is a legend Black Widow Legend takes the proven history of the Black Widow line and kicks it up a notch. This is the first ball in this range to feature a hybrid coating.
 Best bowling balls for seniors (useful advice) Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball  Product dimensions LxWxH ‎9 x 9 x 9 inches. Item weight ‎8.8 lbs.
 Best bowling balls for seniors (useful advice) Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball  Dimensions ‎9 x 9 x 8.5 inches Item weight ‎12 pounds
 Best bowling balls for seniors (useful advice) Hammer Scorpion Bowling Ball Product dimensions LxWxH ‎10 x 10 x 10 inches Item weight ‎15 pounds Recommended users ‎unisex-adult

Best bowling balls for seniors

Bowling is a great form of exercise for seniors that improves balance and helps maintain strength. But choosing a good ball can be difficult, so today I will tell you which bowling ball is best for seniors.

Some people think of bowling as a pastime for drinking beer with friends, but it’s actually pretty good exercise. It includes a high-skill component, but it’s relatively easy to learn the basics.

Bowling is becoming more and more popular among the elderly because it is relatively inefficient, outgoing, and easy to learn. What could be better than spending time with friends and playing sports?

If you have ever been to a bowling alley, you know that there are many different balls to choose from. The problem with home balls is that they often wear out and can even have sharp cracks around the finger holes.

It is also very difficult for beginners to choose a ball of the right ball weight and with the right size holes. Having a ball that is too heavy can be potentially dangerous, and holes that are too narrow or loose will be very uncomfortable for your fingers and interfere with play.

Bowling balls in a bowling lane can also be quite unhygienic as hundreds of people use them and don’t clean up in between.

That’s why it’s smart to get the ball on your own bowling ball when you know you enjoy the activity and want to keep going. But picking a ball can be very difficult. if you don’t know what to look for.

Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball

Best bowling balls for seniors (useful advice)

This black widow bowling ball gives the perfect touch of history in this ball. The ball is aggressive due to its highly polished finish, which is paired with the popular gas mask core that provides amazing movement on the back. This is done through pins.

This is one of the rare balls that uses a hybrid coating. The ball is made to remind us of the rich history and ancient culture.

This hammer ball is strong enough to keep you focused on your target. It rolls very consistently on heavy, medium, and dry trails and leaves very few breaks.

This ball comes with a variety of drill patterns to suit the style of bowling and the type of lane you often play on.

What’s more, this ball is versatile enough to fit most lanes. The flow of this ball is spectacular, bringing you complete bowling fun.



  • This legendary ball has great spin and great pin movement on lanes.
  • The core of the gas mask ensures perfect movements of the back.
  • The outer material of this ball is made of abrasion.
  • This ball measures 12 pounds.
  • The ball may not hook well under certain circumstances.


Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

Best bowling balls for seniors (useful advice)

This allows you to return to the game with clean, ready-to-hit gear at good ball speed. The ball is made of polyester coating for precise shooting.

This Pyramid Path bowling ball offers a sophisticated and stylish look. What’s more, this ball can be used by bowlers of all skill levels, especially on dry lanes, or for throwing the spare ball.

The ball pyramid consists of three parts. The ball comes with a pancake ball weight block.

The ball is comfortable to use on any track. Thus, it allows the elderly to have an unforgettable experience.

One of the best aspects of this ball is that it comes in any bowling ball weight. Thus, bowlers can choose the ball as they see fit. Also, you must decide how much weight you want to carry or lift with this ball.



  • This pyramid ball is perfect for all ages and fitness levels.
  • This ball weighs 11 pounds.
  • A hard reactive coating helps provide enhanced performance.
  • The ball is suitable for amateur and medium bowlers.
  • This 3-piece ball provides a better grip.
  • The ball can easily crack if overused.


Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball

Best bowling balls for seniors (useful advice)

The Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball is a visually stunning 13-pound ball that responds well to most lane types.

It has a reactive pearl finish that glides smoothly when handling heavy oil, and its Stinger 2.0 core offers great hook potential with a powerful back end.

The Stinger core type allows the ball to carry the pins really well, which is great for hitting and making difficult spaces.

The Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball is a solid entry-level choice and many users report better performance than previous models. Again, bowling tips don’t recommend this for beginners, but if you’ve already spiced yourself up on local lanes, this might be a good starting point for you.



  • Reactive pearlescent coating responds well to most conditions.
  • Great gripping ability.
  • The stinger core provides good pin movement.
  • Not suitable for precision shots.


Hammer Scorpion Bowling Ball

Best bowling balls for seniors (useful advice)

Insects that kill are also prone to strike; at least they do if they are a Hammer ball. Scorpion is the next must-have item for Hammerheads.

We started with the LED core that made urethane hammers so successful and added an external core that provides medium RG and high differential. Scorpion uses Symtex Hybrid to create a strong mid and back end in medium conditions. Strong, predictable, deadly.



  • The large variety of weight options.
  • Good ball response on most lanes.
  • Polyester cover.
  • Great for precision.
  • Works well as a spare ball.
  • Little or no engagement.
  • Fans of swirl patterns may be disappointed.


What should you look for in the best bowling balls for seniors?

When doing any kind of physical activity, older people should be careful not to get back pain, twisted wrist, or muscle strain. Thus, the elderly should pay attention to the following features when buying the best bowling balls.


Generally, the standard weight of the best bowling ball ranges from 14 to 16 pounds. As you age, your strength also decreases. Some older people may not be able to support the heavy weight of a bowling ball.

Thus, it would be better to choose a medium-weight bowling ball that can be lifted comfortably. Moreover, the weight of the ball should be appropriate for your weight and age, especially when you release the ball.


Senior bowlers should prefer the best bowling ball that provides a secure grip. You should prefer to buy a bowling ball that has an extra finger hole to accommodate older players.

Best bowling ball manufacturers understand that older bowlers need extra support when they are holding and swinging the ball. A firm grip allows the bowler to maintain good ball control and determine your chances of winning the game.

Hook Capacity

Senior bowlers never cease to marvel at the best bowling balls with low hook potential. Older people dominate the bowling alley. Bowling balls with a low hook glide down the lane without professional ball-swinging skills.

Benefits of bowling for seniors

There are many reasons for people of all ages to get out and try their hand at bowling, but for senior bowlers, bowling has a special set of perks.

It helps older people who don’t have much to do or who want to try something new to break out of their routine and get into a social environment where they can talk and interact with people.

It also helps keep the body weight active and keeps the senses and skills sharp, which is an added bonus to a fun night out.

Best bowling balls for seniors (useful advice)

Bowling Tips for Seniors

Now, while bowling is a recreational sport, and while it has many benefits for the elderly, there are some caveats to take into account.

Even the most experienced bowlers can get injured if they don’t follow proper posture, throwing technique, and body placement. Unfortunately for the elderly, the risks are increasing.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that, as an older player, you use the correct bowling form and technique to avoid injury so you can continue to enjoy this fun game!

Proper bowling technique for seniors

Elderly people often have problems with flexibility and mobility, as well as other physical limitations. You must take this into account when playing bowling, so as not to

The most important thing is to stretch and warm up before the first throws. This allows your connective tissues and muscles to adapt to the work ahead.

Most senior bowlers will benefit from striving for consistency over technical roles. So, instead of learning how to land perfect hooks that require a lot of durable ball speed, you should aim to improve the stability of your straight shots. Thus, you can achieve high results even with limited mobility and slower ball speed.

Bowling accessories for the elderly

If you decide to get your own ball, there are a few more accessories you might be interested in.

Bowling shoes

Quality bowling shoes are important for safety and performance. Bowling shoes have smooth soles, so some of them can be very slippery. I recommend buying bowling balls a pair from a reputable manufacturer, as some cheap bowling shoes can be dangerously slippery. Simply slipping while throwing can cause you to twist your back or hip, leaving you injured for a long time.

Wrist support

Wrist rests are great for reducing wrist discomfort while bowling. Many senior bowler find that bowling can irritate their wrists, especially in the beginning. The wrist support takes some of the strain off your wrist, greatly reducing discomfort and giving you more control.

Bowling bag

The best bowling ball bag helps carry the durable ball and keep it clean. This will also protect it from falling, as it can be relatively dangerous to carry a good bowling ball because it is slippery.

Best bowling balls for seniors (useful advice)


What is the most versatile bowling ball?

The most versatile bowling balls are those that provide controlled ball movement and a reliable sled length.

How do I know which bowling ball is right for me?

A bowling ball should weigh 10 percent of your body weight (up to 16 pounds), which means you really shouldn’t grab, say, an 8-pound ball if you weigh 150 pounds. You need some weight for the ball, but it shouldn’t be so heavy that it’s uncomfortable.

Is bowling good exercise for seniors?

Bowling offers many health benefits for both young and old. Bowling is especially good for the elderly. Depending on your weight and bowling style, you can burn up to 250 calories in an hour of bowling. The 3-game bowling series involves walking over half a mile while swinging an 8-16-pound kettlebell.

Read about how to train properly in the article – Bowling is good exercise for seniors.

Does top weight matter on a bowling ball?

Thus, top weight can have a very big effect on performance. The normal range for a manufacturer’s maximum weight specification is 2 to 4 ounces for a new ball.


Bowling is not only a fun pastime but also an opportunity for older people to have fun and reap the rewards of good exercise.

We hope this list has given you a comprehensive idea of ​​your next potential steps as a senior bowler and which bowling ball to choose the next time you visit a bowling alley. Some retailers also sell balls with a bowling ball bag, so keep an eye out for such good deals.

As you can see, when it comes to bowling balls that are good for seniors, there is no shortage of options. It’s up to you to decide which bowling ball best suits your needs based on your build, strength, and experience.

You may be wondering – How to choose the weight of a bowling ball?


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