Storm Astrophysix Bowling Ball The Best Review 2023

Storm AstroPhysiX is a high-performance bowling ball that was specifically designed for bowlers. The Atomic core and R2S pearl reactive coverstock give this ball incredible power and angle.

This ball slows down the reaction to allow it to explode at the backend. This ball is ideal for bowlers who have a large swing and need an extra backend.

Storm Astrophysix Bowling Ball Review 2023

Pros & Cons

  • Astrophysix can help you when all your balls feel a bit lazy down the lane. Astrophysix is a step down for those who find Physix a bit too powerful.
  • Astrophysix is versatile and adaptable. The ball’s polished finish makes it great for medium-to-heavy lane conditions. Keep it in your bag for any challenges that may arise.
  • A ball that is a little lazy down the lane will be preferred if the lane is clogged with oil. Squirter balls are more common with stronger bowling balls. Storm Astrophysix, on the other hand, will grind through oil and show enough movement in the back portion of the lane.
  • The Premier line’s bowling balls are well-known for their hook ability. Storm Physix as well Storm Astrophysix bowling ball has been a market leader in hooking cause this is a premier line ball. We have the ball for you if you are looking for a ball that checks all boxes, even though it can be difficult to throw due to its hooking too much.
  • This ball moves steadily up the lane, even in the middle lane, instead of rushing into pins with all its strength. This ball saves energy, which it later uses to hit pins. It also guarantees unlimited strikes.
  • This ball is not for high-speed bowlers. The ball’s focus is not on speed but how to get the pins down. This ball is ideal for those who love to throw lax equipment and expect better results.
  • The ball is most responsive to frictions, but it also loves to be able to cut through oil. Strom Astrophysix bowling ball requires that the lanes be properly oiled at all times. It will affect your performance.


Color Cyan/Indigo/Charcoal, All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown
Coverstock R2S Pearl Reactive
Core Atomic
Finish 1500-grit Polished
RG 2.48 (based on 15# ball)
Differential 0.053 (based on 15# ball)
Recommended Lane Condition Medium to Heavy Oil
Fragrance Plum Nectar


The Intense Fire from Storm’s Premier line is being replaced by the AstroPhysiX. The new release features the same asymmetrical Atomic design as the PhysicsiX and the R2S Pearl coverstock. The cover is polished to 1500 grit and exits the box. This allows for easy lengthening and big moves at the breakpoint. We saw more angles with the AstroPhysiX than the Intense fire.

Storm Core

The ball’s strong flip at the breakpoint was the best in our medium oil test. The ball’s strong direction change allowed our three testers to see the potential in it from the beginning. Everyone used the seven board as their breakpoint, although each tester chose a different route. Cranker, who started his ball on 32 and sent it across the middle of the arrow, was the furthest left. Tweener started his AstroPhysiX with 25 from his hand. He had a target of 13 at each arrow. Stroker’s ball was landed on the 18 board and traveled across a target at the second arrow. All three testers witnessed their balls effortlessly reach the breakpoint before making a powerful and violent move to the right.

Storm believes that our intention creates reality. Tour players invariably mention Physics when discussing the best ball on the market. We don’t just build bowling balls because we can. Based on feedback from Storm VIP pro shop operators and tour professionals, we define the need. Astro PhysiX, a new exemplary gem, will meet the needs of many.

The all-new Atomic Core is firmly ensconced at top of Storm performance heap. It boasts a 0.053 total differential for a 15-pound ball. The rest of its prodigious power takes credit for the strategically placed inlets around the oval bolt, greater mass displacement along the z-axis, and enhanced intermediate differential.

Storm Astrophysix Lane

R2S is associated with some of the greatest balls in recent history, such as the Hy Road, Frantic, and the IQ tour. It is known for its ability to clear the front part of the lane while maintaining a remarkable movement at the backend. It is amazing to see the consistency of the shell through its heads.


Astrophysix is an upgrade to the previous Physix. However, there are many differences between them. Let’s begin with the coverstock. Astrophysix receives the R2S Pearl reactive coverstock, but not the Physix. It has a factory finish (box finish) of 1500 Grit Polished. Storm used the R2S coverstock on the Hy-Road Pearl, IQ Emerald. Storm claims R2S friction is the most responsive.

Polished Reactive Pearl coverstocks work best. This helps the ball roll easily on oil lane patterns. The ball checks for the left when it comes in contact with friction. This Astrophysix bowling ball will stop your ball from rolling out.

Core Type

The Astrophysix displays the asymmetrical Atomic Core, much like the Storm Physix. It has a high differential punch of 0.03 (0.053) and a low RG rating of 2.48 (2.48). Coverstock is responsible for 70% of a ball’s reaction. The core is what creates the ball’s motion and dynamic shape. The Atomic core allows the ball to dig in and deliver a powerful hook. This energy retention factor is ideal for heavier oil and the complete knockout of pins. They are strong but have a large asymmetrical core that allows for easy reactions during your game.


This is the ball that you see here. It is very attractive to see the color swirling of Cyan and Indigo with Charcoal. Storm deserves a huge thumbs-up for these beautiful colors. You’ll also enjoy the plum nectar scent to aid in concentration.

Our Impressions

What I wanted from this ball. I had the IQ Tour Emerald and Pro Motion set up as my fixtures for this season. I was looking for a ball that would land somewhere in between them and maybe a little closer than the Pro Motion. I needed length and wanted a ball with far more backend potential than the Intelligence.

What I got in this ball: From a hooking perspective, it did land in the middle. It is 2-3 boards less strong than my Pro Motion, but 3-4 boards more than the IQ Tour Emerald (also of the same layout). The shape might not be right for you to use 1-2-3 in this progression of bowling balls. The IQ Tour Emerald and Pro Motion are curvier at the backend. While the Astro Physix has a more flip/skid shape, As I move from one ball to another, this one will make sense to me. I may have to slightly adjust the factory’s 1500 grit polished surface.

Storm Astrophysix Real Photo

It was drilled using my pin down drill. Asymmetric cores are the best. Asymmetric shapes are easier to work with than symmetric ones. I am able to adjust the pin height relative to my gripping holes. Nearly every asymmetric drill I use starts this way. In my next review (Halo Vision), I will explain why this is and how it relates to my game. I have not yet tried any surface changes with the Astro, but I will update this blog when I do.

Overall, it’s a solid performer for Storm, but will be more popular with bowlers who want to experience greater backend motion. This is a true flip/skid piece, which adds fun to wide lanes. However, it may struggle on more flat patterns. Send us an email or call us if you have questions about the Astro Physix!

Bowlers About Storm Astrophysix Bowling Ball


After throwing the original Physix for a few matches, I told my teammates that the R2S cover stock combined with the Atomic Core would be my dream ball. Who doesn’t have 2 thumbs and great ideas? This guy… and Storm R&D team. I guess.

I created a layout that was 2.5×6.25×1.5. Although it did not hold the core as strong as I intended, I found the layout to be exactly what I wanted after throwing it around for a few sessions. Although the Atomic Core revs quickly, the core position was more round at the back. It was responsive to back end friction quickly. It was quick to respond to a missed shot (on a house shot). However, the ball was able to make quality shots and stored energy to move towards the 8-pin.

The R2S is nothing new. It’s reliable and tried-and-true. It is my favorite Storm cover, out of all the Storm equipment I have thrown. The Storm Astro Physix is also impressed by the Atomic Core. As you prepare for fall leagues, this ball should be your standard ball.


The Astro Physix, a more angular version than the Physix, is a clean and streamlined version. The Astro Physix comes wrapped in the R2S pearl wrap (HyRoad Pearl), which helps it move down the lane a lot and creates a lot more backend. The Astro can be used to take the Physix down if it is too strong. It has the same familiar Physix motion. This can be used in transition, or you can play straighter with the fresh.


Where should I begin? Storm has done it again. Storm’s new Astro Physix bowling ball is another fantastic piece. It’s a good feeling after Rotogrip bowling balls that I used the last few years. No, these are successful balls, but Astrophysix really impressive.

It smells amazing, looks great, and strikes a lot.

The new Storm Astro Physix combines cutting-edge Atomic Core technology found in the original Physix. It is also wrapped in R2S pearl cover stock. This is a must-have for any Physix fan. They complement each other very well. When the Physix is slow to respond or becomes a bit sloppy down lane, I can grab the Astro and pull my left hand to create bigger angles. Although the Astro is similar to the Physix for the first 1/3 of the lane, it has a slightly longer and more angular back end.

James Alston

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

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