Storm Code X – The Best Ball Review 2023

Storm Code X

Storm Code X is a reactive, sanded solid addition to Storm’s Premier line. It uses the asymmetrical RAD4 block. This release sees the return of the R2S Solid cover to Storm’s Premier line. It is finished at 3000 Abralon. This gives the Code X a longer length than the Sure Lock or the Drive. The Code Red and Code Black have different surface finishes and coverstocks, which gives Code X more hook. This makes it a great option for higher volume situations.

Storm Code X, a new hook-heavy bowling ball to Storm’s popular Premier line, is now available. This Storm Code X review will give you a comprehensive overview of this new bowling ball, so you can make an informed purchase decision.

Pros & Cons

  • must have for lower-rev bowlers who want to increase their hitting power
  • two most important selling points are its superb mid-lane reading and continued through the pins
  • the best ball for turning heavy oil into liquid dynamite
  • is a heavy-oil masterpiece thanks to its distinctive and powerful back motion
  • is able to withstand medium oil patterns but will get very hot if it is played on dry or medium-dry lanes
  • for bowlers not used to handling this ball, it can be very difficult to control

How does Storm Code X compare to other bowler favorites like Storm Code Red or Storm Code Black? Is the Storm Code X just too aggressive or too aggressive overall? For the answers to these and other questions, check out our Storm Code X bowling ball evaluation!

Overview Storm Code X Bowling Ball

Storm Code X makes Storm’s Code line a more powerful mid-lane beast and has greater hook potential than any of its predecessors. It has a longer lane than popular storm drives and Storm sure locks. This is a heavy-oil dream ball that turns the oil into some handy firepower down the lane.

Storm Code X

Storm’s Alpha Crux is often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Storm’s hook-heaviest balls. Despite having a lower overall cover stock than Storm’s Alpha Crux, Storm Code X still has more hook potential than its predecessor. Storm Code X is unique in that it has a core and cover stock combination that allows for maximum aggressiveness.

Storm Code x Bowling Ball, Black/Blue/Purple, 15 lb...
  • Features the rad4 core
  • Has the R2S Solid Reactive coverstock
  • The ball is finished at 3000 Grit Abralon

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Storm Code X is best used in heavy oil conditions. The ball doesn’t need oil. The Storm Code X will not react well to oil. You should always have a spare strike ball in case the lane conditions get too bad.

The Storm Code X, in short, is a gift from bowling gods to lower-rev bowlers. It’s so responsive and touchy that you don’t need to do much to get it firing. The ball’s motion from the spot is fiery and angular, while its energy-storing propensity allows for some wild pin trajectories following pin impact.

Specifications, Features, & Materials


Storm Code X’s Premier line welcomes the R2S Solid Reactive coverstock. This cover stock will make it easy to clear freshly-oiled lanes.

The RAD4 asymmetrical core is a great choice if you want maximum hook potential and angularity at the breakpoint. This core has a lot of firepowers, which allows you to be very creative with angles.

Storm Core

Storm Code X’s 3000 Abralon finish gives it more traction in deep oil than other Storm offerings. It also provides the necessary lane length to help balance the ball’s aggressiveness.

Color:Black, Blue, and PurpleCore: Radial (Asymmetrical)
CoverstockCode Red R2S Solid Reactive
Finish:3000 Abralon
Flare potential:Substantial
Recommend Lane Condition:Heavy


Storm Code X’s first specs revealed the R2S Solid Reactive coverstock as one of the most popular selling points. The R2S Solid reactive cover stock is a high-performance cover stock that can withstand heavy oil. It also has a very durable reputation compared to most high-performance bowling balls.

The ball’s asymmetrical, fired ceramic RAD 4 core gives it a unique grace that leads to powerful angularity. It’s also efficient enough to store energy for amazing back-end reactions, which you will have to witness.

Advantages & Disadvantages

These are the advantages

Storm Code X is a must have for lower-rev bowlers who want to increase their hitting power. This ball is an excellent choice for bowlers looking to increase their hook potential. It can also be used to create some amazing angles and powerful pocket explosions. This ball does more than hit the pins. They are absolutely destroyed.

The Storm Code X’s two most important selling points are its superb mid-lane reading and continued through the pins. This ball is able to dominate long, complex oil patterns while also holding on to energy for a burst throughout the pins. When you have the Storm Code X installed just right, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your pin impact.

Storm Code X review

Storm Code X is the best ball for turning heavy oil into liquid dynamite. The box finish ensures that this ball does not get submerged in new patterns and doesn’t lose any lane length. Storm Code X is most effective when oil patterns are freshest and heaviest.

The Storm Code X is a heavy-oil masterpiece thanks to its distinctive and powerful back motion. This ball is as angular as the best and can be opened up to allow you to approach from any direction you wish. Although the cover stock itself isn’t very reactive, it can be paired with the RAD4 asymmetrical ring to give you maximum reactivity and pin carry.

There are disadvantages

The Storm Code X is able to withstand medium oil patterns but will get very hot if it is played on dry or medium-dry lanes. This ball is designed to absorb oil as its primary source for additional firepower. Storm Code X is less efficient if there is less oil.

For bowlers not used to handling this ball, it can be very difficult to control. If you have never had to handle a Storm Code X ball before, it will take some time to get used to the new way of handling the ball. This is not the right bowling ball formula for you.

Bowlers about Ball

All in all

How do I start? I began throwing the ball and struck non-stop with Code X. This reminds me a lot IQ Tour Nano. We’ll get to that later.

What do we have then? Now that we know the RAD4 core, it is clear that the core supports the cover in ball reaction. Code Black was a storm skid/flip that was done well. The made the full review about Storm Code Black ball. Code Red was very easy to control and smooth. There is also the Code that has the R2S Solid, which is a completely different formula and ball reaction. This one is sanded at 3000grit. It provides a lot more midlane control than Code Black, and a decent amount more than Code Red.

It still provides the ability to go downlane and remain continuous. It can be put to the limits and lose continuity, but it looked great in the zone.

I think IQ Tour Nano was the same way it tested when it was first released. It was reliable and trustworthy in its downlane motion, with good midlane control. We have seen R2S for many years, and we know that it shines and settles down.

So, thinking back to the testers who have kept their IQ Tour Nano around for a while, they found a ball with good board coverage but still a smooth and reliable motion. As it grew older, the ball became a bit punchier with less board coverage. The Code is showing the same trend. It is usable right now, but it will become more useful over time.

Storm Code real photo

Doug was next, and he did more of the same. He found the pocket from the first ball. The cover-to-core combination placed the ball in an area on the lane that allowed for pocket and space. This is important when you have this much surface. Doug used the house friction outside, and the ball drove hard rather than dying or rolling out.

The midlane is too strong for the ball to hold so missing in can still be a problem. Doug was able to quickly get the ball to the spot, and then watch it turn towards the pocket. He saw a continuous punch through the pins. Because the Code isn’t a big beast, he was only a little bit on the track. It was able to balance itself well, slowing down in the midlane while still having great energy when it turns.

Sean was next, and he moved into his usual spot around 4th Arrow. It was difficult to throw the ball straighter because of its large surface. Although he was able to see the area well and he is not a fan of solid-surface asymmetric, he was able to throw the Nano…err Code X. He tried to move in more, but the ball started to roll out and he stopped at the corners. He tried to control speed and release, but it was too late. He didn’t lose his pocket, but he did lose some drive through the pins. As the coverages, I believe he will be able to move right and have more useable zones with lane shine.

Bryan was the next to test. Bryan found this motion to be logical on the fresh. His natural tilt allows for more length, while the ball tumbles downlane towards pins.

Code X Review

Bryan was playing in the same area as usual, where he uses his aggressive pieces. It’s not surprising that Bryan would hit a wall when moving in, given the large surface. He saw corners and bucket-type leaves quickly. After our other testers had tested the Code X, he tried it out and quickly realized that the line was deteriorating. He would need to ball down in order to gain more energy storage downlane.

Guy finally shows off the Code high rev motion. The video is pretty clear. This much power and speed can make anything work. It is still evident that Code X has a strong surface finish and not strong coverstock chemistry. There is midlane, but it’s not like what you would find with an aggressive high-end cover. This means that it can store more energy from the outside. Flat corner pins can still be made, even though power has been shown to increase carry percentage. Due to Code X’s overall strength, it is nearly impossible to play more directly.

Our Thoughts

Storm Code X is a great choice for anyone looking for a heavy-oil, hook-heavy machine to enhance their arsenal. It is not recommended for bowlers with dry lanes.

The Storm Code X can still excel in all areas. The Storm Code X bowling ball is a clear indication of what you are getting. It will set the lanes ablaze if it gets it moving in ideal conditions.

This is Storm’s most exciting and interesting ball to date in Storm Premier.

Customers Ball Review

One Of The Best Hooks

Can you say HIT and HOOK? The Code X will be a hit with all Code series fans. Code X will address heavier oil patterns so that when they begin to break down, you have Code Red and Code Black to refer to. I brought the Code X with me to my practice center, and I bowled on a 40-foot shot on a synthetic lane. It was incredible how the Code X rolled through the fronts with no energy loss.

The mid lane read was excellent and the continuation through the pins was remarkable. This ball clears all fronts at the box finish. Even as an elderly man, pins flew everywhere even with a few Scouts. The Code X will help you get through the harder patterns until it starts to break down.

The Code X is a great ball to have in your bag for tournaments or heavier oiled shots at home. This ball will be a great addition for all league bowlers and a must-have for tournament bowlers.

Own Experience

My CODEX was drilled with an easy layout, 65/5/35, and a weight hole of 5″ across its grip center. To make the box finish a bit earlier in tournaments with more oil, I hit the pad with 2000. The pin is placed above my ring finger, with the RAD4 just right of my thumb. My IDOL is much faster than the CODE X, and my CODE X has more oil at the back.

The NO RULES EXIST is slightly more difficult than the IDOL. I leave the NRE around 1500 abalone, so it is naturally much earlier than the CODEX. They work well together in the progression of the surface. If the NRE starts pinging or checking too fast, the CODE X kicks in.

Awesome Continue Of Code Series

Code X is the next chapter in the “Code” series. People have been waiting for the wonderful solid asym, which is a step below the sure lock. This ball is 100% it.

The solid cover stock allows the ball’s mids to pick up, but it doesn’t give up downline. This is the beauty and strength of weaker Asym Bowling balls. This ball is ideal for sports with higher volumes and clipped house patterns.

It was a great experience reviewing this bowling ball. It feels like a truck, rolls beautifully, and smells amazing!

Optimal Performance No Matter Lane

This ball gives you the ability to bite into a pattern, more than Code Black or Code Red. It allows you to start from scratch and work your way down, allowing you to quickly break it down. It will stop any leakage from the right if your boards are missed if you start in.

This ball is very controllable on more difficult patterns. I have also used it when I needed more hold and less jumping. It has lasted me a lot of games and it hasn’t worn out since I got it.

James Alston

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

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