Storm Hy-Road – Actual Review 2021

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The Storm Hy-Road utilizes the Identical heart as the two the T-Road Solid and T-Road Pearl. The cover remains R2S, but rather than being a strong or a pearl, it’s a combo of both, which makes this Storm’s most up-to-date hybrid vehicle. We believe that this is their very best hybrid yet. The Hy-Road reads that the lane is always shot after shot, which makes it predictable and consistent. Even the 1500 grit polished end provides simple length on medium-dry into medium-oily requirements while developing a powerful, consistent response in the breakpoint.

Storm Hy-Road 15 Pounds...
  • Color: Black/Ultramarine Blue
  • Coverstock: R2S Hybrid Cover
  • Core: Modified Inverted Fe2 Technology
  • Finish: 1500-grit Polished or 4K FAST (4000-grit)
  • Differential: .058 (Medium-High) on a scale of .000-.080 Low Flare-High Flare

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Storm Hy-Road Pearl 12 Pounds...
  • The number one factor of ball motion is coverstock
  • Just one shot with the new Hy-Road Pearl and you will see the difference
  • The R2S pearl reactive shell floats easily through the front, maintaining ball speed as much as possible, waiting to really cut loose on the...

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Each of the 3 testers found the Hy-Road to match best with all our moderate test routines. Cranker is accustomed to seeing a strong midlane and breakpoint, however, the Hy-Road provides this to Stroker and Tweener forms too. This sort of response is one which everybody should have in their luggage.

storm hy-road

Not only does it dominate moderate requirements, but the hybrid also allows it to operate in some fatty and dry conditions too. People who can perform the exterior region of the lane may have success on fatty conditions and individuals who may play the interior line will probably have success on certain dryer conditions too.

Success on new sport patterns together with the Hy-Road will be contingent on the shotmaking abilities of the consumer. After this kind of condition opens a bit, the Hy-Road will probably be right in your home.

Pros & Cons

  • Efficacy across a huge array of different oil patterns and densities;
  • Own consistency in a wide range of oil conditions;
  • Excellent mid-lane control;
  • The ball’s strong mid-lane capability and acute breakpoint contribute to a fiery back response.
  • Difficult in intensely wet and extremely dry
  • conditions;
  • The entire hook potential of this Storm Hy-Road is not anything to write home about, either;
  • Beware of the freshest acrylic layouts together with the Storm Hy-Road.

Performance Ratings Storm Hy-Road

Torque 6.5

The Hy-Road offers incredible control of this midlane. The T-Roads were famous for their powerful read of this midlane, however, the Hy-Road takes it to another level. The breakpoint is powerful also.

Length 14

The finish 1500 grit polish of this R2S Hybrid cover will fit up best for almost any moderate type oil layout. Longer patterns will demand a little surface, which will permit the R2S cover to see the lane more powerful.

Back End 16.5

Both strong midlane and breakpoint bring about the Hy-Road’s capability to Recuperate in the rear end of this lane. The Hy-Road gets the capability to outshine the T-Roads within this component of the lane also.

Total Twist 48

The Total hook potential of this Hy-Road falls directly between the T-Road Solid and T-Road Pearl. Together with the box end, the Hy-Road matches up with moderate oil patterns.


The hybrid is exactly what we enjoyed about the Hy-Road. This half solid/half pearl edition of Storm’s R2S is the very best hybrid yet.

Total Overview

The Hy-Road is among the most well-rounded chunks that Storm has made. The hybrid combines the powerful midlane of this T-Road Solid along with the powerful breakpoint of this T-Road Pearl.

If it concerns the most consistent high heeled bowling ball on the current market, the Storm Hy-Road’s name pops up. Our Storm Hy-Road review will have a look at this audience favorite from many angles, highlighting all you want to know for an expected investment in the future.

Storm hy-road ball

Is this the ideal bowling ball for you? Are there are some special flaws you want to keep an eye out for before making the last purchase decision? Dive into our comprehensive Storm HyRoad bowling ball inspection to discover!

The Storm Hy-Road is among the very versatile high heeled bowling balls on the market now. Unless your confronting lane conditions of extreme dryness or intense oiliness, the Storm Hy-Road can handle it with both ease and efficacy.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of this Storm Hy-Road is its own indisputable mid-lane monitoring and management. The Storm Hy-Road upgrades the strong mid-lane capability of the Storm T Road show by providing a much more intense reading capability and a strong kick in the breakpoint.

Reviewed:December 2008
Name:R2S Hybrid Reactive
Type:Reactive Hybrid
Box Finish1500 Grit Polished
Color:Black / Ultramarine Blue
Name:Inverted Fe2 Technology

Though the Storm Hy-Road actually shines on moderate oil layouts, it holds its own on a vast array of petroleum densities and complicated oil patterns. Its hybrid reactive cover inventory gets the most from what is and what is not there oil-wise. The reactivity degree is powerful but not overbearing, giving a perfect counterbalance involving bowler management and the ball’s inherent reactivity.

Simply speaking, the Storm Hy-Road operates best the nearer conditions get to ordinary. It flails on exceptionally dry lanes and sheds its lane span, while also becoming submerged in exceptionally heavy oil patterns. Make sure you bag this ball in these circumstances because you might harm its complicated cover inventory. Aside from that, this might be Storm’s most constant and efficient offering so far.

Characteristics, Specs & Materials

The latest Thunder™, Series ball is the HY-ROAD™. The HY-ROAD™, which is the perfect complement for the 2007 solid ball of choice, the T-ROAD™ Solid, is now available. Pro shop personnel have the ability to drill a wide variety of layouts thanks to the combination of core and cover. The HY-ROAD™, which is a continuous motion ball, creates a consistent reaction in all styles of bowlers. It’s a great benchmark ball. Storm Hy-Road features Modified Inverted Fe2 Technology. It is wrapped in R2S Hybrid coverstock. The ball is polished and sanded to 1500 grit. This combination was designed to give drillers the best possible drilling options. This ball excels in heavy-to medium-heavy oil conditions. The R2S™, a highly aggressive hybrid coverstock, is made for heavy to medium oil. It has two blends of resin: 1/2 solid and 1/2 pearl. These hybrid covers are easy to adjust using Abralon®, Scotch Brite®, or both. Hybrid cover can be easily maintained, enhances durability, friction by footprint and surface contact, and holds its shape longer. Modified Inverted Fe2 Technology core lowers the balls RG. It creates a powerful roll that increases the ball’s flare potential.


The Storm Hy-Road’s R2S Hybrid cover inventory is the celebrity of its own show. In other words, that the 50 percent pearl/50% strong cover inventory is the most lasting and efficacious from the organization’s vast catalog. The people over at Storm worked hard to make a masterpiece that was reactive, and they have done so.

bowling ball

The ball symmetrical Inverted Fe2 Tech center transforms it into a fantasy for lower-rev and high-speed bowlers. This ball has some tricks up its sleeve that other balls might not need for bowlers lower down the Sky ladder.

Contributing heavily into the Storm Hy-Road total sense of equilibrium is that the 1500 Grit Polished box end that’s just rough enough to exude powerful friction on medium-dry lanes.


  • Shade: color Black/Ultramarine Blue
  • Coverstock: R2S Hybrid Cover
  • Center: Altered Inverted Fe2 Tech
  • End: 1500-grit Polish
  • Differential: .058 (Medium-High) to a scale of .000-.080 Low Flare-High Flare
  • RG: 2.57
  • Differential: 0.046
  • Flare possible: Minimal
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Moderate

The Hy-Road(tm), while being tested, was designed with the goal of maintaining the Thunder Line(tm), the best bowling ball line. We wanted to create a bowling ball that could strategically place itself between the T-Road Solid ™ or T-Road Pearl ™. The best way to achieve this was to combine the two coverstocks and create a hybrid. We knew we could use the Inverted Fe2 Technology to create the right weight block for medium-heavy lane conditions. We found the perfect balance by encasing it in the R2S(tm), Hybrid coverstock. The Hybrid was our favorite ball to use when the T-Road Solid ™ becomes too heavy. The Hybrid has better mid-lane control than the Pearl. This reaction is the best benchmark reaction. It’s mid-lane read with predictable hook motion.


As we mentioned before, Storm outdid themselves using a half-pearl, half-solid reactive cover stock on the Hy-Road. Its general strength is remarkable. When compared with the huge majority of high-performance bowling balls from the market, the Storm Hy-Road can manage more along with a broader variance of distinct conditions without burning.

Storm hyroad

The neat thing about the Inverted Fe2 Technology symmetrical heart is the fact that it seems much lighter and more manageable which additional cores of its ilk. This makes this a simpler pick-up-and-play ball that may do plenty of tips under a lot of unique conditions. Advantages & Disadvantages


The Storm Hy-Road retains its efficacy across a huge array of different oil patterns and densities. While it actually excels in moderate oil states, it may still do some wonderful things in each state except crazy extremes.

What which pushes the Storm Hy-Road color Black/Ultramarine Blue on the very best for us is its own consistency across the above broad number of petroleum conditions. We have never noticed a hybrid ball read this efficiently and with this amount of predictability across such a broad swath of scenarios. The reactivity of the ball was fine to perfection.

This reveals itself at the ball’s excellent mid-lane control. Other chunks slide and slip from their pocket before righting themselves. The Storm Hy-Road skips all that, studying the mid-lane always and easily. When you put this ball to a shooter groove, it remains there and provides you a score increase potential that might be unmatched.

The ball’s strong mid-lane capability and acute breakpoint contribute to a fiery back response, also. When you buy this ball in perfectly, you are almost certain to see greater violence and wildness of snare trajectories. This ball hastens so nicely on the rear end, turning a constant shot into a potent shot again and again.


The Hy-Road works exceptionally well on an assortment of patterns, but it is going to fight the intense wet and extremely dry conditions. Surface alterations will help on the moist material. Weaker designs help in some dryer conditions, but nothing can help with the intense dry material.

As stated earlier, don’t deliver the Storm Hy-Road to exceptionally dry or moist lanes. The nearer the petroleum requirements are to perfect, the greater that this ball is. The further you move off in the margins of petroleum states, the worse it works.


The entire hook potential of this Storm Hy-Road is not anything to write home about, either. It is very strong, but innovative bowlers who need a couple more angular chances to their pin entrance points will probably be let down. This ball is too constant to actually let you find that creative with your own pins.

Beware of the freshest acrylic layouts together with the Storm Hy-Road. Unless you’re proficient enough to counterbalance, the Hy-Road can be difficult to control when petroleum states are that new. You might choose to wait for half a match in medium-heavy states before bringing the Hy-Road out.

Our Ideas

Most high heeled bowling balls fight in the ends of the petroleum density margins, so it is quite difficult to knock the Storm Hy-Road for it. Additionally, it is particularly difficult to do so contemplating how balanced the Storm Hy-Road is over the board.

Its reactivity is strong yet predictable. Its flexibility outstrips pretty much any high performance bowling ball we have analyzed. The Storm Hy-Road is a game-changing addition to the arsenal
of pretty much any kind of bowler out of authentic beginners.

We will dock it only a bit to get a lack of total hook possible, but this remains a nearly perfect bowling ball value for your time and cash.

Customer Reviews

The perfect ball

This ball is my favorite. It gives me the perfect amount of hook for a two-handed bowler. It is very soft and has a great break. This ball is a must-have for league bowlers. For the best deal, make sure you get it at a friend’s pro shop.

Great ball

I got this because I did well in school. I already have 5 strikes in succession and a 195.

Just the Best

In the last 7 years, I have owned 5 Hyroads. They are the best ball I have ever used. My fellow bowlers saw the potential of the Hyroad and bought one.

Still Kickin

The Hy-Road is still around for over ten years! It’s hard to believe that anyone who bowls has not tried it. The Hy-Road never leaves the lanes. There are many styles and angles to choose from, which is why the Hy-Road has been around for so long.

Always, the lane comes to a Hy Road

It’s a fantastic product. The Hyroad is my favorite ball. It is strong and long down the lane, with great backend reactions that crush the pins. The Hyroad has become my favorite ball. Even though I am not the best at bowling, my Hyroad is my go-to ball. I average between 130 to 150 every time. It’s made me less scattered and helped me improve my game. Do yourself a favor and get one of these bags! Storm scored a home run! It was a home run!

The best ball made

The hyroad…or Ole Reliable as it is sometimes called. This is a must-have wherever you go. It cuts through the front of the lane and then unleashes the backend with incredible continuation through the pins. This great ball is a storm favorite. This ball is just too good. The back motion is amazing and the pin carry is unbelievable. It can go a little too high, or it trips the for a light ball that smacks the mixer. Everybody should always have an “ole reliable” bag. Don’t wait and grab yours today.

This ball is a favorite

After a lot of research, I just bought this ball a week back. My previous ball was very straight. My previous ball had a 140-150 average. I threw a 198 right out of the Hy-Road.. Last night, my first league game with Hy-Road saw me throw 600 series. My first ball was only 500 series. It is amazing. It seems to always find the pocket! Glen at Pro Shop deserves a lot of credit for his amazing drilling work! This ball is highly recommended!

Follow the Road to Winning!

Layout: Pin under the ring, CG switched positive, medium width/depth holes down by my thumb. The ball was very smooth, and I was happy with how it rolled. It just means that I am more likely to use the ball from the track in than the track out when playing lanes. The ball’s appearance and scent are just amazing. I prefer the fruity scents to the aromatherapy scents, but it still feels …… Familiar. This is a great thing for bowling because it makes you more relaxed and comfortable. It was exciting to see this ball remain in the lineup this year. It is still my most popular mid-range ball.


Every shot should be a victory. Every ball should have a purpose. This has been demonstrated by the Hy-Road for eleven years. With its higher coefficient of restitution, the Inverted Fe2 Technology’s hitting power is evident. Storm’s most memorable balls have used the R2S Hybrid Reactive as a pillar of consistency.

Inverted Fe2 technology has a higher RG, differential, and similarity to other Thunder Line balls. However, it does not have the core material of most other balls. This allows the ball to have thicker shells, which increases the coefficient of restitution. This design allows for a higher energy transfer to pins and less deflection upon impact.

R2S is synonymous with some of the most successful balls in recent history like the Hy-Road, Frantic, and the IQ Tour. It is known for its ability to clear the front part and move with incredible speed on the backend. It is amazing to see the consistency of this shell through its heads.


The hybrid cover is what we liked most about the Hy-Road. This half solid/half pearl version of Storm’s R2S is their best hybrid cover yet.


The Hy-Road works extremely well on a variety of patterns, but it will struggle in extreme wet and extremely dry conditions. Surface adjustments will help on the wet stuff. Weaker layouts help in some drier conditions, but nothing will help on the extreme dry stuff.


The Hy-Road is one of the most well-rounded balls that Storm has ever made. The hybrid cover combines the strong midlane of the T-Road Solid and the strong breakpoint of the T-Road Pearl.


Storm Hy-Road FAQ

  • What is Hy Road?
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    The latest Thunder, Series ball is the HY-ROAD. The HY-ROAD, which is the perfect complement for the 2007 solid ball of choice, the T-ROAD Solid, is now available. Pro shop operators have the most options when it comes to drilling layouts because core and cover are combined.

  • What are urethane balls?
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    Urethane balls offer a slow, steady hook that is easy to control. This is in contrast to the sharpness and back end violence of reactive resin bowling balls. Urethane bowling balls are more likely to hook than urethane pearl balls.

  • What are urethane bowling balls good for?
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    Urethane- The coverstock is stronger than plastic, and provides more friction between the ball & the lane surface. Urethane is more hook-friendly than plastic. Urethane has a higher friction coefficient which means it tends to deflect less, which leads to better pin action.

  • Is Hy Road bowling ball good for dry lanes?
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    The Urethane balls for bowling are excellent in all lane conditions, from dry to medium. You’ll notice a better control and a decent hook in your lane.

  • How long do Hy Road bowling balls last?
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    To find out the average lifespan of resin bowling balls, we have done extensive research. For optimal performance, reactive resin bowling balls last 5-10 years. This equates to an average of 150-300 games. Manufacturers offer warranties of 1 to 3 years.

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