Storm Ice Bowling Ball The Best Review 2023

Storm Ice Bowling Ball PRos

Storm Ice Bowling Ball Blue/White will freeze any opponent who pulls this bag out. The ball is protected by a 3-piece Pancake Core and a Pearlized Polyester coverstock. This will allow it to travel down the lane, pinpointing where you point it.

Storm Ice Storm Blue/White ( 15 lbs )...
  • The Storm Ice Storm Blue/White will freeze your opponents in place whenever you pull this out of the bag
  • Color: Blue/White
  • Coverstock: Pearl Polyester
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Any

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Storm finished this ball with a 3500grit polish. Storm wanted this ball to belong and be precise, but not lose its accuracy like a Polyester ball. The Ice Storm is a straight-shooting, durable ball that will make your opponent melt!


CoreTraditional 3-piece Core
CoverstockPearl Polyester
Finish3500-grit Polished
Recommended Lane ConditionAny
Ball PerformancePlastic / Spare Balls

Storm Ice Bowling Ball Overall

The Storm has improved performance in every line of its product catalog. The latest addition to the Ice line is a pancake-weight block that has been surrounded with a urethane veneer. The Polar Ice’s cover with urethane is less durable than the Natural and Natural Pearl. This results in a smaller ball that is more suitable for dry lane patterns.

Storm Ice Bowling Ball

We were able to use the ball on our shortest test patterns because of everything about it. Straighter through the front lane was the best way to have the ball carrier. It carried better if it was straight through the heads.

If your aim is high enough and the pattern is dry enough, a spare ball can also be used as a strike ball. Storm Ice is versatile and easy to use, no matter what you do.


A plastic ball is meant to pick up spares and deflate. A plastic ball is not as strong as reactive resin and urethane. Storm Ice, despite having polyester coverstock, is surprisingly good. This makes it an excellent entry-level bowling ball. We have previously seen such high-quality coverstock in the Pyramid Path polyester bowling ball.

Storm Ice’s Coverstock is Polyester Pearl, although it’s not common. Just like Storm Mix, the surface is polished to a 3500 Grit factory finishing. We were skeptical about the use of bone dry lanes Storm suggested for this ball. We were pleasantly surprised to learn about the end result, and we knew immediately how amazing Storm Ice would be.

Core Type

The core type of a ball will determine its overall functionality. Storm Ice will love the Ice Storm because it comes with a 3-piece core, which is well-known for its ability to increase predictability.

Storm Ice Bowling Ball Real Photo

Ice Storm has unique reliability on dry lanes. This makes it a great choice for both regular players and beginners. The Ice Storm skis along the lane effortlessly and moves well. Asymmetrical balls often feel heavier on one side. Storm Ice’s symmetrical core gives the 3-piece core ball superior balance and performance.


Blue is your favorite color. It is difficult to find a bowling ball that is blue like Storm Ice. Storm Ice’s ball color was our first impression. It is beautiful to see the blue/white pearly combination.


Breakpoint Shape

Storm Ice is a striking ball that can carry a lot more than plastic balls. It is very similar to urethane as a striking and reactive resin. Beginning bowlers with lower rave ratings can use Storm Ice to start their first bowling ball. They can roll it down the lane with no breakpoints.

The ball reacts well to dry lanes because it is highly polished. As soon as the ball touches the lane, it shows its finesse. What if you’re not a beginner but just want to improve your average? You can still use this ball to spare shoot. Undoubtedly, yes! Storm Ice is the perfect solution for you if spare shooting is a weakness. You will see an improvement in your spare shooting ability immediately. The ball will help you achieve a higher average, even if you make mistakes as everyone does. You will get plenty of lengths and a great backend reaction.

Total Hook

The spare ball cannot hook with a differential of 0.0005 and an RG of 2.71. It will continue to roll straight after being released. It has a low flare potential (1″-2″) similar to Storm Mix. This means it will perform well from spare shots and straight strikes. This ball is great for novice players. It will glide through the fronts, downlane, and midlane, sustaining its energy and performance.

Ice Rose



Polyester balls are prone to wear and tear. They lose their predictability with time. Storm Ice is a polyester ball that has a polyester coverstock, but it’s not like other polyester bowling balls on the market. This makes them more durable than other materials. The durometer scale also shows the product’s score of “73-75 Rex D Scale”.

Ideal for spare shooting

This ball is great for both new and experienced bowlers. It can be used to get back on track and achieve unique precision for spare shots. This ball is great for bowlers who throw high revs and need the ball to be straight. This ball is perfect for converting tough spares quickly.

Useful for dry lanes

They will always have a good carry, no matter what. As long as the lanes remain desert dry, they will still be able to get to the pins with a great score.

Storm Ice Bowling Ball PRos


For High-hook lovers: Not recommended

Storm Ice isn’t the most hard-hitting ball. This ball is not recommended for high-rev players who desire to score unlimited hits. The ball is not strong enough to knock down pins. Professional and high-rev players should not use this strike ball.

Not recommended for heavy oil lanes

This ball is most vulnerable to oil patterns. The ball will lose its length if it is rolled with heavier or more complex oil patterns. Oil absorption is not a concern because the ball is friction-friendly.

Customers Reviews


These were my spare ball for a few years. I use them with low speeds so any lack of traction is appreciated. The ball was advertised as having an extra-hard shell and came at a much higher price than a regular polyester piece with a pancake center.

The Ice Storm did its job initially well, esp. The Ice Storm initially performed well and looked great when kept polished. However, it soon began to show its weaknesses. The hard material is fragile and the ball developed cracks around the thumb and finger holes, despite an insert. It began to crumble, with spider-web-like cracks around the holes.

It was not convincing, at least in comparison to the amount I paid for it. It was more of a fashion accessory than a piece of durable sports equipment.


This will be a very easy introduction to bowling for those who are just starting out. Durable Ice Storm is not intended to be used for throwing a curve/hook. This spare ball is intended for children or new bowlers to learn how to bowl. It can also be used as a spare ball and a shooting ball.

This ball is used by professional bowlers on the PBA Tour to get their spares. This great straight ball is also useful for newcomers who want to improve their skills. If you are a decent bowler, this ball should not be your primary ball. This ball should only be used for spare shots.

The cover is good. Polyester coverstock ensures durability.

This is a great ball by Storm. Since I got it, my accuracy in picking up the 10pin has increased from 40% to 90%. It’s because if your main striking ball is meant to hit it, it can make it extremely difficult to pick the 10 pins. You will miss the ball because it will hook at the very last second. If you are a keen bowler, or someone looking to improve your overall score, this is the right product for you. Grab this item and go! Storm Ice really the best spare ball.

Final Thoughts

Storm Ice is a very underrated ball. This ball is so amazing that I doubt you’d ever leave it behind. No matter your bowling ability, you need a Storm Ice bowling ball. You can still improve your performance even if you aren’t at your best. Don’t lose out on potential spares or strikes- pull out Storm Ice to play in a bowling match.

James Alston

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

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