Brunswick Twist Bowling Ball The Best Review 2023

Brunswick Twist Bowling Ball

The Brunswick Twist bowling ball adds a new dimension to your game. It is the beginning of the transition from the polyester precision and performance of TZone to the entry-level Rhino.

The Twist Low Differential Symmetric core features a high-RG core and a low differential of the Brunswick Twist creates easy length control. It is very predictable on dry lanes and easy to learn.

Brunswick Bowling Twist Reactive Ball, 8...
  • This Bowling Ball Ships Undrilled With No Holes Unless You Add Drilling Services.
  • Brunswick Has A New Twist On Ball Reaction
  • The Twist Is Sure To Appeal To Bowlers Of All Ages And Skill Levels
  • Package Weight: 3.924 Kilograms

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The Twist is combined with a highly polished T-16 pearl reactive coverstock to create a mild reaction that’s perfect for bowlers and bone-dry lanes looking to start their journey into reactive equipment.

If you are looking for a better option than a spare or plastic ball, the Brunswick Twist is an excellent choice. This ball features the R-16 Reactive coverstock and the Twist Low Diff core. This combination allows for easy length and a strong, yet manageable backend reaction against dry lane conditions. The Twist range of bowling balls is great for all ages and skill levels.


ColorMultiple Color Options (Blue/Silver as shown)
CoverstockR-16 Reactive
CoreTwist Low Diff (12-16#), Twit Bullet (9-11#), Twist Foam (8#)
Finish500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound/Crown Factory Polish
ReactionEasy length with a strong and controllable backend
Recommended Lane ConditionLight Oil
RG2.591 (15# ball)
Differential0.018 (15# ball)
Hook PotentialLow

Overview Twist Bowling Ball

Overall Performance

When you purchase an entry-level bowling ball, it is important to be aware of the back-end and mid-lane movement. The Twist ball is affordable and can be used to teach you how to bowl “hook”. This Twist ball is great for when the lane breaks. This ball will not skid through light oil. We recommend that you use it on dry lanes. It reads the lane quickly and has no excess friction.

Brunswick Twist Bowling Ball

This new Twist will improve your gameplay. Bowlers love the way it doesn’t over-hook on dry lanes. The ball can be controlled in any direction you like while maintaining proper angles when it goes through the pocket. Curious about the strikes It’s possible with this ball.


You will notice a fantastic coverstock right out of the box. Brunswick has now introduced the R-16 pearl reactive coverstock. A pearl reactive coverstock is a sure-fire way to go. What about the R-16 coverstock? Brunswick’s new R-16 reactive coverstock gives you the perfect balance of power and control. The R-16 formula is durable and provides a perfect backend hook motion. It has been designed to provide solid performance and prevent extreme sensitivity to dry areas of the lane.

Factory Finish

This R-16 coverstock, which is technologically advanced, also gets a nice polish. For a stunning performance, this beautiful ball is polished with a 500 SiaAir Crown Factory polish and the Crown Factory Compound finish. A ball with a high polish tends to curve better. This ball is not the best, but it’s good enough to curl or hook and good enough for beginners learning how to hook.

Brunswick Twist finish

You don’t have to be concerned about the coverstock finish if you are a beginner. Instead, pay more attention to the ball’s core type, hook capability, and overall performance.


It’s amazing to see that Brunswick put more effort into making this ball stand out from the crowd. You’ve never seen a bowling ball with two core options. Brunswick offers two core options for its Twist bowling balls. The twist is available in a variety of weights, just like any other bowling ball. The 9- to 11-pound balls have Bullet Symmetric cores, while the 12- to 16-pound ones have Twist low differential Symmetrical cores.

Brunswick Twist Core

The ball will continue to play on all lanes if it is covered and cored properly. There are no chances for energy loss, and the ball will react from the mid-lane to the downside. This bowling ball has a symmetrical core that ensures smooth movement and sufficient control. You’ll also enjoy the ball’s remarkable mid-lane reaction, backend motion, and ability to react quickly when you need them.


The first Brunswick Twist bowling balls are of exceptional quality. It looks stunning in the Black, Gold, Silver combo! Bowlers will love the color swirling as it rolls down the lane. Anyone can benefit from a good-looking bowling ball! Balls with beautiful color coatings will make beginners smile. This ball is for you if you like to play with style.

Hook Potential

This ball is truly a gem with its low RG and differential and low hook and flare potential. Brunswick Twist has all these features and is the perfect bowling ball for beginners. Brunswick Twist is a satisfying bowling ball with a good backend and perfect ball speed. It can go straight through hooks at the backend. It is very precise at its breakpoint. This twist will guarantee you easy length with a strong and controllable backend reaction.

Brunswick Twist Hook Potential

Furthermore, it converts its revolution into continuous forward movement. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle or lower lane. There is no energy loss in the ball’s revolution. Low friction on the lane surface is responsible for this. This is important if you want your ball to catch less.


This bowling ball is a must-see. This bowling ball has not received the recognition it deserves since its release. This ball is going to be a great hit. Twist bowling ball is a great hook ball for beginners. This ball is also popular with senior players. This Twist bowling ball from Brunswick is great for advanced players who prefer to play on dry lanes. If this ball matches your preference, you can buy it and throw it confidently.

Customers Reviews


This ball is amazing with his controllable backend reaction. This ball was purchased because I have high revs, and I am a two-finger bowler. It was my first week in the league and I shot a 735. My avg has increased by 8 pins since then. It’s versatile, I was able to use it in every game. It was very easy to roll the ball and it has great hitting power. You won’t regret trying this is entry level ball, age, or skill level – doesn’t matter. The ball performance is really good.


 This was my first Brunswick ball. Since I started bowling in a league that uses wooden lanes, I needed a ball that could work with lighter oil patterns. The wood lanes create early friction which makes it difficult for my other balls to read correctly. I am a medium/high rev tweener bowler and also throw the ball at 16 mph. It was everything I wanted. The hook is easy to control and fits in the pocket. This twist is not only beautiful, but it far exceeds the entry-level category.


 You will most likely encounter worn out lanes when you bowl in a second league. The owner of the pro shop I bought it from recommended this ball and I have to say that this ball is the best money I have ever spent on a ball. Since I bought it four months ago, I have rolled many 280+ games and my league average has increased by 6 points. It is very smooth and doesn’t over hook in dry conditions. It is definitely worth the money!

Twist Bowling Ball FAQ

  • Is the Brunswick twist a good ball?

    Sure. The Brunswick Twist is an excellent option for anyone looking to go beyond a plastic/spare ball. This ball features the R-16 Reactive coverstock and the Twist Low Diff core.

    James Alston

    Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

James Alston

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

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