Ebonite GB4 Bowling Ball Review 2021

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Ebonite GB4 series has been the brand’s most popular in recent years due to its performance and value. They are thrilled to present the Game Breaker 4. To recreate the Game Breaker’s shape and numbers, the core designers dissected the Enhanced V2 Core. The Game Breaker 4 has a solid reactive and features the Game Breaker 12.0 veneer. This ensures the ball performs as well as it should.

Ebonite Game Breaker 4 15lb, Dark Red/Red...
  • The Game Breaker series from Ebonite has been the brand's most famous in recent years because of its performance and value, and we are incredibly...
  • Our core engineers carefully dissected the Enhanced V2 core to recreate the physical shape and numbers, knowing that this was the root of the GB...
  • The GB4 is a solid reactive, featuring the proven GB 12.0 veneer, ensuring the performance and success you demand from a Game Breaker branded...
  • The GB4 tested unbelievably well, and we are very confident that the ball reaction and its unparalleled value will make it a huge success just...
  • Sport type: Bowling

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Ebonite continues the Game Breaker mid-performance bowling ball line with the Game Breaker 4 Solid. This ball has the Enhanced V2 core and is wrapped in the GB 12.0 coverstock. It also comes in a Solid Reactive variant. This ball is suitable for medium-to-heavy oil. It has strong backend and mid-lane reactions.


Color: Dark Red/Red
Coverstock:GB 12.0 Solid
Weight Block:Enhanced V2
Factory Finish:500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad
Flare Potential:High
Radius of Gyration (RG):16lbs - 2.491; 15lbs - 2.480; 14lbs - 2.517
Differential (Diff):16lbs - 0.041; 15lbs - 0.048; 14lbs - 0.048
Intermediate Differential (Diff):N/A

Ebonite GB4 Overview

With the introduction of the Game Breaker Asym, the V2 core’s next evolution is possible. This marks the first major change in the V2 core since the Game Breaker series. The V2 Asymmetrical core design lowers the RG and increases the differential. It also adds an intermediate differential at 0.008′. The Game Breaker Asym comes wrapped in the GB 12.0 Pearl Coverstock, which is finished at 500/1000/2000 SiaAir and Crown Factory Polish. It is the most angular Game Breaker release.

Ebonite GB4 Bowling Ball Review 2021

Cranker has enjoyed the Game Breaker series over the years. The Game Breaker2 Phenom Pearl was his favorite ball and he used it to test the new Game Breaker Asym using the medium oil pattern. The Game Breaker Asym performed four times better on the fresh thanks to slightly more midlane traction, and a sharper move towards the breakpoint. Cranker could continue following the pattern as it broke down, and the machine showed no sign of wiggling downlane at box finish. Cranker was able to get a shiny pearl from the Game Breaker Asym on the heavy oil pattern.

The Ebonite Game Breaker 4 is a contender to be THE ‘benchmark’ symmetrical and THS killer. This bag is a great choice for anyone who wants to be the “first ball out of a bag”.

Ebonite Game Breaker 4

Ebonite’s Game Breaker series has been the most popular in recent years due to its performance and value. Enhanced v2 core engineers dissected to reproduce the numbers and physical shape. This was the key to the GB line’s success. The GB4 is a solid reactive ball with the proven GB12.0 veneer. This ensures the success and performance that we bowlers expect from a Game Breaker branded ball.

The out-of-box surface at 500/1500 combined with the Enhanced V2 core gives me a ball that reads the middle lane and digs its teeth in the back to give me a more continuous and hard arc motion than smooth and continuous. This is with the all-purpose layout I chose (70×4.5×35). This ball is very durable. This ball is a great option for starting a league shift. Depending on your pattern, it should still be useful late in the shift, even if you have to move to an inside line. You can adjust the cover before your USBC sanctioned events start. This will allow you to achieve the shape you want.

This ball looks amazing sitting on the ball rack, rolling down the lane, and crushing the pins with the orange lettering and Dark Red/Red cover stock.

Ebonite Game Breaker 4 Real Photo

The GB4 is moderately priced and outperforms both expectations and the price point. The GB4 is designed to work well with medium/medium-heavy patterns. However, a little polish/shine may be useful for lighter patterns or transitions where a solid surface is too hard.

Customers Ebonite Game Breaker 4 Reviews


The GB4 was a big player in the Iconic GameBreaker bowling ball family. The GB4 lives up to the GameBreaker brand and looks great doing it. The GB4 stands out with its two colors of red and orange logos. I drilled mine at 60×4 1/2×30 because this is my preferred benchmark layout. With authority, the GB4 has taken over the benchmark position in my bag. The GB4

It’s easy to read to determine the lane’s purpose and powerful enough to strike at multiple angles.

This sums it all: Get an Ebonite GB4 and drill it with your preferred layout, and you’ll have the benchmark bowling ball. You won’t regret it


The Ebonite Game Breaker 4 was the big symmetrical ball I wanted in my bag. It’s good enough to pass through the mids but not as much as other symmetrics. However, it still needed more length than my asymmetric. It was a great size, measuring 3.75″ x 35. The GB4 can handle medium-heavy volumes well.

Ebonite GB 4

For instance, I used it Monday night to shoot 725 on a THS which hasn’t had many big scores this season. It has done exceptionally well with sport patterns like Holman 37′ or PBA Chameleon. It will be my first ball out of the bag when I have decent volume. This will let me know if I should ball up to a bigger ball or down to a smaller, more consistent ball. Or if I can stick with the GB4 to annihilate all the competition. Moore’s Pro Shop has the GB4 and all pro shops have it. Ebonite means performance!


My Ebonite Game Breaker 4 is 40×4.75×40. It’s identical to my Omni, which I consider the best ball I have ever thrown over the past five years. I love the Omni’s Black Widow-like ball shape. It has good traction on medium/heavy oils and a large round arc at the back. My goal was to have the GB4 give me the option to lower my angle to allow me to flatten them.

The GB4 was a beast out of the box. 500/1500 grit was a lot of covers. It actually required me to go deeper than the Omni to get the ball down the track. Although the friction was softer, I did not need it to be as strong as I already had the Omni and Zeniths.

My surface adjustment when hitting the GB4 using a 3k pad didn’t make it onto the video. The smoother finish resulted in a dramatically different ball reaction. I was able move 5 boards with my feet and still get the ball to the break point. The GB4 at 3k was cleaner through the front. It allowed me to keep my hands further behind the ball, which allowed me to play closer to the track. This is what I needed in order to score on new lanes. This finish makes it much easier to drive the GB4 down the middle of the lane. It also allows for a wider variety of patterns.

The GB4 is somewhere in the middle of my Hero Solid or Knockout balls, compared to other balls in my bag. The Hero Solid works better with shorter patterns and is a bit flatter than the GB4, while the Knockout can go further down the lane and makes it around corners a bit better.

I am 4/2 with the Omni using the GB4 with the Surface Change. The GB4 has a smoother motion from the dry boards and is 4/2 with the Omni. These 2 balls are a great match and I can see myself taking these balls to tournaments in place of the Hero/Knockout.

F.A.Q. Ebonite GB4

  • Is the GB4 symmetrical?
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    The Ebonite Game Breaker 4(GB4) is a contender to be THE ‘benchmark symmetrical ball killer. This is a great “first ball out the bag” choice. This ball looks amazing sitting on the ball rack, rolling down the lane, and crushing the pins with the Dark Red/Red cover stock.

  • Is Ebonite a good bowling ball?
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    Ebonite bowling balls offer excellent quality in core design and coverstock designs at any weight from 12 to 16 lbs. From 12 lbs. to 16 lbs. It can be amazing how easy it is to handle an extra pound or two if a ball fits properly after drilling.

  • Who makes GB4 bowling ball?
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    It received a rating of 4 or 5 stars. The Ebonite is the best new benchmark ball. This ball is a true masterpiece and your best choice for leagues (medium-heavy oil) or sport/challenge shots. You should not let this ball leave your bag.

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