The Best Ebonite Aero Bowling Ball Review 2023

Ebonite Aero Review

The Ebonite Aero ball is a high performance ball. It was created to be the bowler’s first ball from the bag when the lanes are freshest and most oily. The Aero core was combined with the GSV-X solid reactive coverstock to make this ball more aggressive in oily conditions. This core and cover combination results in a strong mid-lane reaction, followed by a strong backend response.

Ebonite Bowling Products Aero Bowling Ball 12lbs, Navy/Sky/red...
  • This bowling ball ships UNDRILLED with no holes unless you add drilling services.
  • The Aero fills a gap for Ebonite by offering a more aggressive ball for more substantial volumes of oil compared to the rest of the line. 
  • The core, cover, and finish on the Aero is stronger than the Omni and will be an excellent first ball out of the bag to combat fresh conditions...
  • Package Weight: 14.0 pounds

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Ebonite’s gap is filled by the Aero, which offers a more aggressive ball that can handle larger volumes of oil than the rest of the line. The Aero‘s core, cover, & finish are stronger than the Omni. This will make it a great first ball to get out of the bag in order to deal with fresh oil and conditions. One of the best arsenals available in any line is made up of the Aero and Omni as well as Allure and Stingers. More aggressive ball for more substantial volumes of oil


COLOR:Navy / Sky / Red
COVERTYPE:Solid Reactive
FINISH:500, 1000 Siaair Micro Pad
WEIGHTS:16-12 Pounds
REACTION:Strong backend and midlane
WARRANTY:years after purchase

Ebonite Aero Bowling Ball Overview

Ebonite Aero Dynamix utilizes the Aero weight block wrapped with the GSV-X Hybrid Coverstock. This coverstock is then finished with 500/1000/1500 SiaAir, Crown Factory Compound, and Finishing Touch. The core shape of the Ebonite Aero Dynamix has a slightly higher RG (2.504′), and the same total differentials and intermediate differentials (0.05” and 0.13” respectively) as the Omni core.

Ebonite Aero Review

The main difference between the Pro Performance release of the High Performance Omni Hybrid and the Pro Performance Pro Performance is the coverstock. The Aero Dynamix’s GSV-X Hybrid covers create more hooks than the Omni Hybrids’ GSV-2 Hybrid covers.

Stroker was able to play the lane straight with the Aero Dynamix using the fresh medium oil pattern. He used the oil to his advantage and not the dry. The GSV-X Hybrid covered dug into the oil slightly more than the Omni Hybrid. This gave Stroker more hook and improved pin action for shots within the target. His ball would over-hook if it was not thrown in the dry quickly.

Ebonite Aero Fills A Gap

Aero is an aggressive ball that can handle larger volumes of oil than the rest of the line. It fills a need for Ebonite. Aero’s core, cover, and finish are stronger than Omni. They will make a great first ball to get out of the bag in order to deal with fresh oil and conditions. One of the best arsenals available in any line is made up of the Aero, Omni, and Allure.


Aero Core – The Aero Core features the revolutionary “Drill Anywhere”, DOT technology, and the proven DynamiCore technology, which provides more power at impact.


Ebonite suggests Powerhouse Clean N’ Dull maintain your Aero’s performance at its best.

Ebonite Aero Bowling Ball Experience

The Ball

Aero’s new core features DOT and DynamiCore technology. The DOT technology allows the bowler to place any layout on their Aero without worrying about voiding their warranty or putting their ball in danger of cracking. DynamiCore gives an Aero more energy on the pindeck. This is a quality that every bowler wants when looking to purchase a ball.

Core Numbers

  • RG: 2.504
  • Diff. : .050
  • Int. Diff. : .013

Although the Aero core provides bowlers with an early rolling motion it is not as fast as other Brunswick offerings like the Redemption core and the Portal core.

ebonite bowling ball

I will admit that I am not a fan of the GSV coverstocks for other bowling balls. The new GSV-X offers a lot of traction and surface adjustment.

The Bowler

  • Ball speed at hand is approximately 16.5 miles an hour
  • Approximate rev rate: 300 revolutions per minute
  • Axis rotation approximate: 30 degrees
  • Approximate tilt: 8-10 degrees
  • Positive Axis Point: 4 & 5/16 above, 7/16 below

Due to my slower ball speed and moderate rev rates, I am a tweener. My lower axis tilt is what causes me problems, as it can be difficult to pass the ball through heads in dryer lane conditions.


I bowl mostly on a high friction house pattern so I used a 55-degree drilling angle, 5-inch pin-to PAP distance, and a 35 degree VAL angle to drill this Aero. In the past, I avoided 5-inch pin layouts because they could be lazy downlane and make it difficult for me to move my left foot. I decided that this was the right time to experiment with a 5-inch pin because of my lower ball speed, lower tilt, and higher ball speed.

Surface Prep

Due to the higher-friction house patterns, I bowl on, I need more length for my equipment. The Aero is normally 500,1000 sanded. I sanded mine down to 500 and then added Brunswick Crown Factory Compound. The glossy surface will allow me to work in enough length to not have to go too far to my left with the Aero.

The Results

The Aero is a very aggressive ball with 1000 siaair micro pad. I moved a little deeper than usual, standing at around 25 and hitting 13 to 14 at the arrows. I eventually moved to the left and finished around 30 before it could not make the corner.

The Aero provided me with so much more angle and continued my work. I was surprised at how much it gave me. Asymmetrical balls are difficult for me to throw because they can be twitchy at the breakpoint. Aero was different.

aero in real photo

Consistently, light-pocket hits were carried. Even though smaller misses were made to the outside, they still faced the pocket. Early on, misses from the inside held the line well. However, this hold was lost as the pattern began to unravel. I didn’t have any issues leaving corner pins until I had to get closer to the 30-board.

The Fit

The Aero is a great option for rev-dominant bowlers who want to add an asymmetrical, solid bowling ball to their arsenal. Aero’s core is slightly less powerful than the typical “big asym”, which makes it easier to use. The slightly weaker core allows speed-dominant players to slide their Aero one notch lower than a Hammer Redemption Solid and a Brunswick Prism Warp. A surface adjustment may be necessary depending on the lane condition.

Customers Reviews


 The Ebonite Aero is a strong, aggressive, asymmetric oil that gives me shape regardless of how heavy the pattern. I’m a left-handed bowler who averages 340 rpm and 16.5 mph. I used the Aero 70×4″x55 to roll faster and heavier through the mid-lane. It also has a longer transition from skid to hook and roll. This combination helps me keep my Aero in my hands longer as the lanes change. Aero is able to handle heavier patterns such as Earl Anthony 43′ or Don Carter 39′.

It can also handle one of my heavier house shots. It can be viewed from my angle and move along the pattern. Or, I can leave it in the puddle to churn through oil with lots of hits at the pins. Aero core includes the revolutionary “Drill Anywhere” technology and the DynamiCore technology, which provides more power at impact. Moore’s Pro Shop, as well as pro shops all over the country, can help you order this heavy oil monster. We are grateful.


The Aero is an excellent addition to the Ebonite range and features Dynamicore and DOT technologies. Because this core/cover combination is so strong, I wanted something that I could use on Fresh. This ball certainly delivers with this layout!

This layout is both strong and smooth and provides strong continuation through the pins. The ball hooks well even with the “tame” drilling. Don’t be afraid of using a weaker drill on this ball. If you need a ball that can handle high oil volumes, I recommend his ball.


Aero Solid’s muscle allows it to maneuver the midlane and continue on through the backend in a strong, arcing motion. Ideal for heavier and medium volume patterns. The pattern of Billy Hardwick 44 was extremely sensitive and speed sensitive.

However, Aero Solid enabled me to remain firm and aggressive with minimal effort. It is a clear winner in my books. It is a striking color that will get people’s attention when it is on the shelf at the pro shop or while crushing racks downlane. It is a must-have for everyone.


Get in a box! My aero was drilled to 50x4x30x30 for use with sport oil patterns. That’s exactly what it will be used for. This solid ball is not slowing down in the front of the lane, which saves a lot of energy for the pins when it turns.

This solid is a wonderful addition to the ebonite range and will fill any bag’s need for a large aysm. The ball is predictable and has a strong reaction to impact. This ball is suitable for heavy oil. You may need to shine it depending on the conditions and your rev speed.


Although I didn’t expect to love throwing the Aero, I was surprised. It slides just above my Hammer Futive Solid, which serves as an extra ball for when I need something stronger. The Aero worked well for me in carry down. This was something I didn’t expect when I added Brunswick Crown Factory Compound to it.

Aero is a great addition to my arsenal. The Aero is a very versatile asymmetrical bowling ball, which can withstand a matte or glossy finish. It offers more continuation than an average asym.

James Alston

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

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