Storm IQ Emerald The Ultimate Review 2023

The Storm IQ bowling ball will be well worth every penny. This is not a difficult call. Benchmark pearl operates for a lot of individuals.

In General about Storm IQ Emerald Bowling Ball

This critique is for you to watch and participate as it’s fundamentally a re-release of this IQ Tour Pearl and IQ Tour 30. The c3 centripetal control core includes a very low RG and very low diff offering a smooth controller. The R2S pearl remains obviously among the greatest coverstocks in the company and has withstood the test of time. Cliche simple length but you get a sleek arcing transition that keeps coming on. And if the IQ Tour has turned into a staple, this is the only one I find more flexible. While the sound is eloquent smooth, this one is smooth with a few sodas. While the smooth is excellent to restrain game shots, together with my moderate rev speed and being around the left side, it wasn’t helpful on home shots. Together with the Pearl, home isn’t a problem while I could still utilize surface to allow it to hands-on game shots. It will respond to friction so in the event that you play too close you’ll get over response. In comparison to this IQ Tour, you are able to see exactly that easy response across the street.

storm iq emerald

I had a fantastic appearance with this IQ Tour emerald bowling ball. He can play with it relatively near the friction and it created a smooth but robust angle. He’d overlook space left-right and just about could not miss. Since the lanes split a little, a few 10 hooks creep in. But this is a super simple appearance to the pocket to get Bryan. Again, this is practically basic at this phase.

Storm IQ Tour emerald bowling ball specifications

Storm IQ Emerald The Ultimate Review 2023

We analyzed the 35 feet Kegel Boardwalk design. Frankly, I loved the response of this IQ Tour Emerald about the game shot. Still rather simple to reach the pocket with this smooth but powerful arcing downline movement. I’d have benefited from a small surface modification to get it to see only a bit earlier for fewer corner hooks. But I felt extremely comfortable on a fairly flat pattern not actually worrying about overreaction though it’s a glistening pearl.

It was somewhat poorer than state the Marvel Pearl therefore he needed to find somewhat more direct. After he discovered he could find the ball to push and take the corners out. It probably was somewhat finicky because there was a specified place where he got out a pinch it drove too difficult and when he transferred a different board left, it’d leave a corner. This could be a measure-down chunk for Bryan.

Can there be a lot left to say regarding the Storm IQ Tour emerald Pearl in whatever color that has not been mentioned? It is a terrific benchmark pearl ball. It is controlled but angular. When you can get those two, it is a good recipe for success on both sport and house shots. We enjoyed it we’re off to find the magician.

The IQ line of balls was a radically mixed bag for me.

The Storm IQ TOUR emerald SOLID is among the most popular and powerful balls in bowling history, and I couldn’t make it work for me despite repeated attempts.

By comparison, the Storm IQ TOUR emerald PEARL has been Gold Magic for me: the best home shot ball I have ever thrown and also one which stays in my toolbox, using an undrilled backup in my cellar. There is no other ball that gives me exactly what the GOLD does.

Storm IQ Emerald The Ultimate Review 2023I had some good success with the IQ NANO and intermittent victory with all the IQ 30.

Considering the PEARL was such a massive success for me personally, I had been actually excited about obtaining the Storm IQ Tour emerald bowling ball, which will be a continuation of the famed gold ball using all the R2S pearl coverstock and C3 Centripetal Control core.

Before I obtained mine drilled, I’d heard from various other staffers who normally believed it had been more powerful compared to GOLD, although maybe not quite as powerful since the 30.

I used my favorite pin-up powerful drilling on the EMERALD, which is the drilling I have had the most success with around the GOLD. Together with my PAP of 4 7/8 over and 5/8 upward, the amounts are 5 pin-PAP, 2 7/8 MB-PAP, and 3 1/2 pin buffer. It’s no weight hole since I am trying balls with no weight hole beneath the new USBC alternative, then including a weight hole afterward if desired to alter the response.

And that is what I have observed up to now, with the warning that my Storm IQ TOUR emerald PEARL has countless games on it and consequently is not likely to be as powerful as it initially was.

I’d say it’s near as powerful as the 30, but with smoother movement: that the 30 was a chunk I could readily 2-10 and strong 9 with and has been nearly skid-flippy.

I’d say that the EMERALD is a fantastic arrow more powerful than my GOLD, which likely makes it two to 3 boards more powerful than a brand new GOLD.

Storm IQ Emerald The Ultimate Review 2023

What both have in common is that the powerful, but smooth, curving, constant motion — there’s not reverse or hockey stick into this EMERALD (or even the GOLD). This comes in the reduced differential c3 centripetal control core that retains the ball out of a skid-flip response and makes it controllable.

That movement is likely what makes the ball a favorite of mines it makes it effortless to control and read, something I want in my old age with slower ball speed than that I had. Performance bowling balls favored.

The EMERALD could be a touch more difficult to control since it’s a touch more powerful, which compelled me to go slightly more about it normally. But in addition, it means I may use the Iq tour pearl on more petroleum compared to GOLD, and they’re different enough that there’s the reason for me to maintain both in my toolbox.

Aside from that, there’s not a ton more to say regarding the EMERALD.

If you enjoyed the GOLD – if you enjoyed the IQ lineup – odds are you may like the IQ tour pearl EMERALD.

When I had been going to compare it to some non-IQ chunk, I’d say it’s a step down in the ASTROPHYSICS, that will be among my favorites of the most recent releases from Storm and Roto Grip.

James Alston

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

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