Storm Omega Crux Bowling Ball Review

Storm Omega Crux bowling ball review

Wow, this item is dull from the box. The Omega Crux is the smooth, controlled Crux movement we have become comfortable with. The grit makes certain that it hooks up and moves, showing off a few punches.

Storm Omega Crux 15lb, White/Copper/Graphite...
  • Package length: 22.352 cm
  • Package width: 22.352 cm
  • Package height: 22.606 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS

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The Omega Crux Utilizes the Asymmetric Catalyst core cover within the GI-20 pearl coverstock.

Design Greater Tilt Stroker
RPM 280 rpm
PAP4 1/4 & 1/8 down
Average Speed17.5 miles (at launch)
Axis tiplarge
Axis rotationmoderate
Test Gear15 Pounds
Layout65 x 5 x 50
IntentModerate roster having a slow transition in the breakpoint

Remember that coverstock accounts for 70 percent of ball response, but the lies the innovative catalyst core generates the dynamic form of this response. Your driller will change the shape to fit your game improvement.

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In General

We have previewed the ball so we will jump beyond the specs and get right into the ball movement of this Omega Crux bowling ball. This sure seems like lots of surface from the box. It is certainly going to browse the lane however, you will not necessarily feel as though it is hooking in your toes. That is a balance I really like and while a lot of individuals don’t appear to do so frequently, I often do place surface on pearls to acquire the sooner smoother browse the surface provides while taking advantage of this backend of a pearl. The purpose is shining a solid does not make it a necklace and dulling a pearl does not turn it into a sound from a ball response perspective.

Storm Omega Crux bowling ball review

The swirly colors of Omega Crux permit you to observe the heart transition and you are able to view and sense that grittiness and proven catalyst core produce and lope because it transitions. The form of the Catalyst core on the lane is eloquent and forwards while still feeling as though it’s the backend. For me personally, the Halo Pearl was more forwards from the end of the design. The Omega Crux isn’t an exclusion to the line movement. It really reminds me of balls such as the Lock and Critical Theory. But I’d say that the Omega is much more forward than the Lock lineup. They’re similar right up before the ball gets to the roster stage. At the stage, the Rad-X heart from the Lock is creating more angles. I compare the Omega Crux pearl balls to the Snap Lock to give you a good notion of what I am referring to. The most important thing is that there is a fantastic margin at which it’s possible to play with this ball throughout the fronts but there is also a very clear limitation because finally, that forward movement will give angle up downlane in case you get too heavy for competitive players worldwide. No more second guesses, just how much is comparative to the bowler. Finally, this is a larger piece than desired on the home shot but that I had no difficulty using it on new.

Storm Omega Crux Bowling Ball Review

For Bryan, there aren’t any significant surprises relative to that which I watched. It is smooth and relatively ancient to get a pearl asym, again attributable to the quantity of OOB surface. Finally, he’s playing quite direct and that’s at the wheelhouse for his game improvement and the Omega Crux throughout the crux series. He saw the ball hook up at the ideal time to provide him great continuation and great carry. We have talked before about just how much he enjoys his sanity…yes he’s two. I wondered if he’d think about the Omega Crux as a replacement. I spoke about the gap at which the Lock is much more angular. But really it is a feature he has mentioned two or three occasions that makes the Lock harder to utilize on sport shots such as nationals. Together with the Omega being similar but a bit more ahead, this could maybe be that replacement using a bit more usability.

Finally, we discovered the Omega Crux ball for a fantastic offering. I like it arrived with a surface from the box. That gives you a good notion of what it is capable of. I just use the information of pearl, strong, or hybrid directionally. This s a fantastic instance where you could use this ball near the peak of your bag. It’s got lots of grip and movement. I can see that working on sport shots also since it’s angular but the more forward movement gives it more control and predictability. By way of instance, I find that the Physix really has a fantastic movement but it’s a little cleaner and much more angular that makes it good for open shots and also a bit harder on skinnier shots.

My initial instinct is that this should work very nicely in this situation given that the ball has some surface that also contains control but effective at creating an angle. I had been perfect. The Omega Crux is quite an easy to read. The ball movement is smooth complete with quite predictable but authoritative tweaks. The greater point is moving into 14 out to approximately 9 and this gives me a bit more room. This ball felt like something particular on the sport shooter. I had distinct plays for into the pocket along with also the dependable movement is so enjoyable. It does not feel idle and has a hefty roll but at precisely the exact same time that it’s not as flippy subsequently the Physix that makes it simpler to use on the hard stuff.

For Bryan, it had been a fairly straightforward response. Offers control. It is a wonderful form and it could be tweaked with design variations based on what you’re bowling on. He did not feel as though he’d miss out on room but I believe that has been the attribute of this pattern where he’s playing.

Finally, I feel like that ball has a fantastic shot at creating my sport shot tote. It is likely to be a toss-up between the Physix but using this much mill surface, the Omega Crux could really be over.

I will pretty much inspect the OMEGA CRUX bowling ball in 1 paragraph: ” A Omega CRUX PRIME that turns over downlane more challenging.

Storm Omega Crux Bowling Readable Ball Reaction

As I stated in my review, the Storm Omega CRUX is thick rolling, without a huge move anywhere but robust disposition. The Omega CRUX ball is indeed smooth and controllable ball reaction I can play straight on a house shooter with sufficient oil. It is my choice once I want a solid ball to maximize performance direct from an external line. If I desire a solid ball onto a new shot where I need hands coming from the petroleum line, the CRUX PRIME is my own choice, and I have had some excellent success with it.

But with my average rev speed that likely hardly strikes 300 on a fantastic day for my almost 58-year-old human body, I have been not able to create the Storm CRUX PRIME function once I must have in and ship it from the pocket. I am able to get into the pocket but horizontal 10-pins are much too common, and also the CRUX PRIME moves in my tote.

The super-strong SPEC strong reactive coverstock was a battle generally for me along with my slow ball rate – that the PRO-MOTION is the 1 ball that features it that I’ve had success with ball reaction.

The STORM OMEGA CRUX ball again offers the same core, asymmetrical Catalyst core used in the favorite CRUX line (dynamic asymmetrical core designs). The difference comes from the OMEGA including the newest GI-20 pearl (Sport Improvement-2020) reactive cover using a 3,000-Abralon coverstock.

Storm Omega Crux Bowling Ball Review

(As I always say, please recall when assessing my reviews that I throw 14s, and that frequently means that a ball’s keywords are different than they are for 15s and 16s. Amounts at the lower right of the review.)

I picked the exact same design for both: snare under the bridge using a solid drilling angle. Together with my PAP of 4 7/8 over and 5/8 upward, the OMEGA’s figures are 4 7/8 pin-PAP, 5 3/8 MB-PAP, and 4 3/4 pin buffer.

The Storm OMEGA Crux bowling ball absolutely hooks significantly less compared to PRIME, however, the distinction isn’t quite as big as I thought throughout the crux series, though I am a little difficult to read because of the PRIME is this a smooth solid ball without a huge movement.

More significant is that the OMEGA creates a noticeably flatter movement downlane compared to the PRIME, in spite of all the 3,000 surfaces.

The OMEGA is probably not a ball motion phases skid hook/flip chunk, though I’ve not tried it with a glistening coverstock, so maybe I simply have not seen what it’d do this manner.

What I have observed is a movement like the PRIME for approximately 40 feet, although unable to manage as much petroleum, then a wonderful tip that’s most suitable for me on back-ends together with motion.

Fundamentally, the Storm OMEGA CRUX ball is apparently a wonderful moderate chunk: Too much oil and it is not quite enough, and too small oil and it is too much (though glistening it may be nice ).

However, in between the extremes, the cover is powerful enough to deal with some oil along with the catalyst core and the cover mix gives a wonderful downlane move, ball motion phases skid hook.

That means it supplies a whole lot of use selections for many bowlers, and that I can not think of any it is especially bad or good for.

Essentially, if you are a Omega CRUX ball line enthusiast I’d find this chunk. And if you are not, I’d search for a different brand choice.

I’d say the total hook is at the assortment of this PHAZE II, although the movement is sooner and smoother using same core, the asymmetrical catalyst core (dynamic asymmetrical core designs I mean). See also our new Storm Electrify Pearl ball review.

James Alston

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

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