Path Rising Bowling Ball – Full Review 2021

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The pyramid bowling technology is the result of years of research and analysis on core and coverstock, and Pyramid Path Bowling Ball – the embodiment of their achievements. This technology is able to deliver peak performance in medium to medium dry conditions due to the ever-changing variables of bowling (e.g. ball speed, ball speed, rev rates), and it can be used by any type of bowler from stroker to two-handed. And now they are ready to introduce their product – Pyramid Path Bowling Ball.

Pyramid is proud to announce their first Entry Performance product- The Pyramid Path Bowling Ball.

Pyramid Bowling starts at the core of your ball and offers a versatile motion for a low price. It also provides a smooth ball motion that can be used in many lane conditions. You have many options when drilling the New Era 139 core.

Combining the New Era139 core with the Path Reactive Pearl coverstock creates a versatile motion for all levels of bowlers.

Path Rising Bowling Ball

The Pyramid Path bowling ball comes out of the box with a 1500-grit finish. This gives the head a clear look and allows for a quick reaction down the lane.


Mass Bias Diff:n/a
Durometer:77 on D-Scale
Flare Potential:2-4" (Medium)
Factory Finish:1500 Abralon Polished
Weights:8, 10-16

There are many variables that can change in the game of bowling, such as ball speed, rev rate, lane conditions, and ball speed. This technology allows anyone, regardless of their stroke, to perform at their best in medium to medium-dry conditions.

Pyramid Bowling starts at the core of your ball and offers a versatile motion for a low price. It also provides a smooth ball motion that can be used in many lane conditions. You can drill the New Era 139 core for a long hook and hard drill or to drill the ball for strong roll, strong backend, and strong roll. Combining the New Era139 core with the Path Reactive Pearl coverstock creates a versatile ball motion that is suitable for all levels of bowlers.

Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball...
  • New Era 139 Symmetric Core, 2.54 RG, 0.032 Differential (Medium Flare Potential)
  • Path Pearl Reactive Coverstock with 1500-Grit Abralon/Factory Polish Finish
  • Gives Benchmark motion on Medium Lanes
  • Versatile drilling options for different bowling styles
  • Perfect Scale Rating: 181.30

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The Path Rising comes out of the box (OOB) with a 1500-grit finish. This gives the head a clear look and allows for a quick reaction down the lane.

The Features of the Pyramid Bowling Balls

Do you struggle to find the right Path bowling ball for you? We may have the answer. Finding the right bowling ball can be a difficult task, especially for beginners. There are many options for different features and configurations. It is important to choose the right bowling ball for your style of play, skill level, and lane conditions.

Pyramid is a brand that’s well-known to bowling enthusiasts. Pyramid sells high-quality bowling balls in a reasonable price range. Pyramid Path bowling ball, another excellent collection from the Pyramid bowling family, offers versatility at an affordable price. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.


The Pyramid Path Rising Pearl is for both entry-level and intermediate players looking to improve their performance. The New Era 139 Symmetric core is included, along with the Reactive Pearl coverstock. This comes out of the box with a 1500-Grit polish.


The Path Rising Pearl bowling ball symmetric core provides excellent results for players of all skill levels. The ball comes undrilled and can be drilled using a variety of drilling options. This allows you to drill the ball according to your skill level and playing style. It is recommended that you take it to a pro shop to have it drilled to your specifications.

Pyramid Bowling Ball

The Pyramid Path Rising is extremely effective in dry lane conditions. It has a great length and a high reaction rate. Because it has tremendous speed down the lane, it is suitable for straight bowlers. It is a powerhouse on dry lanes, with an RG of 2.54 and 0.032 differential. It doesn’t have much hook and it doesn’t roll well on oily lanes.

Design and weight

The Pyramid Path bowling ball is an eye-catching design. It is available in seven vibrant colors, including black, purple, and pink as well as silver. It is available in 8 sizes, making it an ideal choice for beginners. Advanced players will also find it a great spare.

Polyester Coverstock

Polyester coverstock is flexible and rigid, which provides high impact resistance and enhanced properties. The polyester shell is able to withstand high-impact conditions that are part of the game.

Pyramid bowling Path Rising Pearl bowling ball surface properties include high tensile strength, lower elongation, abrasion-and-scratch-proof as well as hardiness.

The generous coverstock material that is between the topcoat and weight block helps to prevent cracking during usage. The coverstock’s outer surface has a diameter and finishing that conform to the USBC standards. The high-end polyester material is more durable and resilient than standard. The Path can be used on many lane surfaces.

Bespoke Pitch pattern

The Pyramid Path bowling ball can be drilled to fit a two-finger ball, or for more than two holes. This will allow for easy delivery and precise placement.

Real Photo Pyramid Bowling Ball

It is designed to give you a natural grip that will allow for proper control and help you stay in the game. A grip interface is a device that allows the tip of your third finger to be used as a thumb for controlling the Path Rising Pearl bowling ball.

When drilled, the bowling ball offers a snug but ergonomic grip and perspiration-repellent finger cavity. To accommodate bowlers with wide or narrow palms, the ball is undrilled.

Superior Aesthetics & Versatility

The unique composition features streaks of bright colors and an eye-catching design. The topcoat is dirt-resistant and retains its shine over time. Even after repeated uses, the pleasing colors still retain their hues.

It features a unique pearl theme and is a very stylish product. Its stylish graphics and deep blue colors add to its overall value.

Because of its high-quality polished surface, the company is a cut above the rest. The factory-finished high gloss covers are a hit with bowlers. This high-quality artwork and highly decorated surface stand out in major tournaments or leagues.

Optimized Gyroscopic Steering

Path Rising Pearl bowling ball structure enhances the gyroscopic steer to create a breakpoint at the back end of the lane. As the ball rolls down the lanes, dynamic balance is achieved by the core and coverstock.

For stable rolling characteristics, the core’s structure reduces moment of inertia by reducing the size of the core. It also creates a gyroscopic stabilizing force to increase the hooking of your ball.

Path Rising Grey

Its structural integrity ensures the maximum allowable three-ounce out of balance between the top and bottom as provided by the American Bowling Congress guidelines. To generate a hook, the ball is broken sharply.

Plastic bowling balls hooks later in comparison to best urethane bowling balls due to less friction generated on the lane surface with a hard polyester coverstock.

Why do You need To Buy Pyramid Path Bowling Ball?

Ultra-Durable Construction

It is versatile and durable. It is a solid design that can withstand abuse by professional and amateur bowlers. The topcoat is chip-and crack resistant, so it won’t break or fracture. Its strong construction can withstand impacts and stress over the years.

You can customize your pitch pattern

You can thread the product through your finger holes as you wish. The ball is delivered with a customized grip pattern thanks to the finger holes. You can make it fit your needs, no matter how small or large your palm is.

Durable Coverstock

The product is protected by a solid and rigid coverstock that increases its durability and performance. The Pyramid will stop you from getting off track when it comes to taking pot shots due to low quality bowling balls. The Pyramid’s polyester coverstock is straight-lined to increase accuracy for bowlers.

Path Rising IRL

Indestructible Topcoat

The topcoat of this Pyramid Path is made from hand-picked materials to resist abrasion, scratch, and wear. The product has a longer life span than similar products in the same price range. It is very hardy and has great rebound properties.

Enhanced Gyroscopic Steer

It is stable and smooth, with no wobble or lope. This ball is easier to control, making it easy to score higher scores. It has improved gyroscopic steering, as it rolls down the alley with no wobble to make it more responsive for sharp breaks in the ball at its back end.

Customers About Path Bowling Ball

Tony’s Wholesalers From Using Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball

What I was looking for in this ball layout:

The Path Rising series is a high-performance entry-level ball that offers high performance.

This ball features the same cover as the Path Origin series, but with a New Era 139symmetric core. This ball will provide a clearer view through the fronts and a stronger yet manageable move down the lane.

To increase the motion in the middle to the back of the lane, I used a pin-down layout. This ball should pass through the heads very easily and allow me to continue playing right on the lane, even if the pattern is a bit broken down.

What I ended up within the Layout and Ball:

The ball motion with the Path Rising was something I was quite surprised at.

The ball was just as long and smooth as I expected. This allowed me to move more right on the pattern, allowing me to really open my angle into the pocket. Even though the Rising is a lower-performance ball, it was strong enough to get me past the breakpoint and into the pins.

This ball had just as much hitting power as other High Performance bowling balls I tested. There will be a few options available for different styles of bowlers with the Path Rising. This ball is ideal for high-end bowlers as it will provide them with a ball that they can use when they dry without compromising their hitting power. It also allows them to play in the right lane. This series is great for beginners and offers unmatched performance at a very affordable price.

Enchanted Path Rising Hybrid

Pyramid’s Enchanted Path Rising, a performance line that combines a reactive and hybrid coverstock, is Pyramid’s debut offering.

The Pyramid Path Rising series is a top-selling entry performance line. Now you can get a hybrid version to have a stronger ball motion and not go up to the next performance level.

The Path Reactive Hybrid Cover is still wrapped around New Era 139 core, offering a remarkable ball motion for the cost. The Enchanted Path had a stronger and earlier ball motion than any pearl Risings. I was able to go deeper and adjust angles thanks to this ball motion. The Enchanted Path, with its 3-color hybrid cover of Black/Tea/Silver, has a stronger motion and looks amazing as it goes down the lane.

Dustin About Path Bowling Ball

The Pyramid Path Rising bowling ball is easy to use on any pattern. I have had the Rising thrown on a variety of lighter/burned patterns and it has given me all the length I need. It has a quick response down the lane but is very manageable for the amount it encounters. The ball’s continuation is very similar to the results The Pyramid Path bowling ball achieved throughout the season. This release allowed me to play deeper on lighter volumes and more broken down patterns. It also created more creating angle than any other ball at this price.

Path Rising F.A.Q.

  • Is Path a good bowling ball?
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    The Pyramid Path Rising bowling ball is perfect for beginners and will allow you to throw an impressive performance this season. This ball is great for advanced players and beginners alike. Your overall performance is affected by the coverstock of your bowling ball.

  • Who makes pyramid bowling balls?
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    Keith Spears, the owner of makes The Pyramid Path Rising bowling ball.

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