Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball Ultimate Review 2023

The Pyramid Antidote can be used to stop oil from spreading.

In desperate times, you need to take desperate measures. We have brought in the New Era 149 Symmetric core. This core technology offers bowlers maximum flare potential and continued playability.

We have wrapped the core in our proven GPS Navigational Solid coverstock to provide the best oil remediation option for medium/heavy oil. The Antidote is finished at 2000 Grit Abralon/Factory Polish. It will provide a stronger, faster, and smoother response than the Pathogen.

Pyramid Antidote Overview

First Impressions

You don’t even need to say anything. The Pyramid Antidote bowling ball response was so amazing that it even stunned the onlookers! You walked down the lane with a clean hook and set, and you barrelled through all the pins.

Pyramid Antidote


Perfect Scale Hook Rating:201.60
Ball Color:Yellow/Black/White
Lane Condition:Medium/Heavy oil
Coverstock:Solid Reactive
Ball Quality:First Quality
Ball Warranty:2 Year
Factory Finish:2000 Grit Abralon Factory Finish Polish
Core Type:Symmetric

Value 9/10

Pyramid’s Antidote bowling ball is another one that provides great bang for your buck. It is affordable, but it works as well as any brand middle of the road ball.

Cover 2000 Grit Abralon Factory Finish Polish

The Curse uses a New Era 149 Symmetric block wrapped in the GPS Navigational Solid coverstock. The cover is finished with 2000 grit Abralon/Factory Polish. It weighs in at 15 lbs and has an RG of 2.55, diff of 0.054.

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All in all


The Pyramid Antidote bowling ball was so easy to roll, it blew me away. It was clean looking and moved down the lane quickly. Then it reads the middle lane and has a bit more of a hook set motion. It appears to be able to roll very heavily end-to-end. It is quick and easy to transition from hook roll to roll. You think it will go high on the one hand.

You don’t know how the ball will pass the pins. That was quickly forgotten when shot after shot, the ball simply goes through the pins so smoothly. I chose a slightly more precise layout, 80 x 2×50 x 50. This layout works well for me because I have control over the earlier rolling motion.

Pyramid Antidote Real Photo

When I thought about the layout that I had chosen, I was shocked. It worked out very well. THS is blessed with a wonderful matchup in factory coverstock.

Cores with such a long shape are not my favorite. They lope quite a bit and then make sharp, defined moves. I prefer smoother movements. Pyramid Antidote transitions easily into a heavier roll with a well-defined move, despite its layout. It’s probably the combination of core shape and cover solid reactive which is great for medium/heavy oil. It stands up and can be seen through the pocket. Believe it or not, this shot worked equally well with a 2:1 sport shot. The same reaction and the same consistent movement provided some forgiveness. Although the move was quite strong, it was predictable.

Kevin observed the same reaction from the right side to prove that it was the ball and not his layout. His layout measures 45 x 4.5×70. It didn’t matter. It was almost like he saw the same strong motion downlane. But it had the predictability and beauty of a solid.

Kevin and I both saw the importance of forgiveness. Kevin first, as Kevin did not see that the ball would roll out of the hill if it was caught in this much friction. For me, misses in hit the pocket fluffy. Kevin said they passed through his nose. If you grab it, it may hit the pocket flat.

Last Thoughts

The Pyramid Antidote middle range bowling ball is very impressive and has a unique shape. We were able to see that the cover and core combination influenced this symmetrical ball reaction, despite its layout. It has a “matched” cover that looks solid with lane shine. It’s easy to carry and has a strong hook set motion. This ball is great for sport and house shots.

Comparing Pyramid Antidote With Others Pyramid Balls

Recent Pyramid symmetrical releases were slam-dunks. Both the Dark Path 19.5 & Blood Moon were underrated, and I wish they were still available. Blueprint was a bold Pyramid Antidote. The statement was that Pyramid is great, not only good but possible. So spend less to get great. The Blueprint Pearl was an excellent sequel. The Pathogen is a great sequel. It’s a great Pyramid bowling ball.

The Blueprint placed Pyramid on the map. But the Neon Green Pathogen made even more heads.

The Curse is their strongest symmetrical ball and the first to have an RG below 2.50. The entire symmetrical line is unique in that none of the balls are redundant. Each ball has a unique motion and function. The Curse, path rising, pathogen, origin series, and blueprint series all have unique motions and functions. They are very long and have a lot of motion, but they can turn fast once they turn.

Pyramid Ball

This trend is broken by the Antidote, which has a lack of snap or sudden and abrupt changes in direction. It’s what makes this ball such an excellent addition to your arsenal. It arrived today. I drilled it 60x4x25 and then rolled it for the Curse. The last two games were 197 and 207. It is quite unique, and it’s not only compared to pyramid balls. The Pyramid Antidote is glossed and shiny, unlike other polished pyramid balls that have a more subtle sheen. This would make it appear like the ball is more of a transition or burnt lane ball. However, this is not true. This is Pyramids’ true benchmark. The Curse and Blueprint are stronger in terms of overall hook and the Pathogen, dark paths, etc… are options to turn to follow the Antidote.

There was quite a bit of oil tonight, and I was impressed by the Antidote’s handling of it. This ball is so fast that it doesn’t stop moving, even though the high gloss polish may be misleading. It is Pyramid’s most predictable ball. I plan to get another one. I’m a lefty, so I could have played with the Antidote in all three games. It started with a straight shot and required only minor adjustments. The Antidote, like all Pyramid balls, sends pins into a frenzy. It was carrying both flush shots and light shots.

Pyramid Antidote Fingers

It was knockdowns so I decided to start with Curse. This is because it has been my favorite ball since I got it and I feel more confident using it right out of the box. However, I am certain that the Antidote is the ball I will use the most throughout the season.

Pyramid does a great job of assessing their arsenal and finding new ways to add motions or fill in gaps with each release. The Force is something I am looking forward to.

Both the Antidote and Curse are polished solids. They can both handle oil and are versatile. However, their motions are not that different. Both provide unique motions for the Pyramid line. Pyramid releases are why I am so excited. I don’t work with anyone and I love the freedom to experiment with any ball I like, regardless of its label. However, the only thing that is missing from the Pyramid arsenal at this time is a true light-to-dry oil piece. The Path Risings are a beast priced as entry-level balls.

The Antidote is a truly special ball. It was exactly what I needed.

Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball

This is not the ball I would recommend to anyone looking for their first Pyramid ball. You will be more impressed by the Blueprint, Pathogen, or Curse. Even the Path Rising can make you a Pyramid lover. The path rising is better than Hy Road Pearl. The perfect complement to the Blueprint, Pathogen, or Curse, the Antidote.

Bowlers Reviews


The Pyramid Antidote bowling ball helps to stop the Pathogen’s aggressive behavior. The Antidote helps to get the ball in a quicker roll and reduces the Pathogen’s massive changes of direction. The Antidote has the same excellent coverstock as the Pathogen, but with the ball-new New Era 149symmetric block.

To see the differences between the balls, I made this one identically to my favorite Pathogen. Initial testing suggests that we will see an earlier start and a more controlled downlane motion.

What I ended up within the Layout and Ball:

Pyramid Antidote bowling ball achieved everything they wanted from Antidote. Pyramid Antidote is not weak just because it moves more smoothly. Think of a Pathogen, which is a ball you can move more straight and with better control. This is an Antidote.

The Yellow/Black/White cover was great, and I could see it taking a stronger roll than the Pathogen. Pyramid Antidote continued to roll strong as it transitioned and set itself up for a great move downlane.

Although I could still see a lot of movement downlane, it was much easier to control than the previous release. I was able to play 5-8 more boards right than my Pathogen, and the Pyramid Antidote bowling ball opened up the pocket quite a lot compared to it.

Overall, the Pyramid Antidote bowling ball is a fantastic follow-up to the Pathogen and a great addition to any bowlers’ arsenal.


I recently purchased an Antidote bowling ball and it was my second set in league play. Pyramid, thank you for ending my three-year drought.


What I was looking for in this ball layout:

The Pyramid with grit abralon factory finish polish the Antidote follows the highly popular Pathogen from Pyramid. The Pyramid Antidote has the same coverstock and brand spanking New Era 149 Symmetric Core as the Pathogen. I loved the Pathogen and was thrilled to see how they complement each other.

What I ended up within the Layout and Ball:

The Pyramid Antidote has been unlike any other Pyramid ball to date. This ball is my favorite in the Pyramid lineup. You can control the back end of the lane with the Antidote. This is a crucial feature in short- and medium-oil conditions. The Antidote can read the lane very early, which allows you to stay further outside than usual for these types of oil patterns, especially medium/heavy oil.

Did I mention this ball is AWESOME!

It was so easy to hit the ball as many times as I wanted, and it didn’t overreact at the backend. It was easy to read and very controllable. This is the Pyramid Antidote ball you need to use in difficult lane conditions. The Pyramid Antidote is the perfect option!


Pyramid Antidote, one of the newest releases from Pyramid. This layout is very strong. I love the ball motion in the front. The backend control was great. It also worked well at 500 abralon, which gave me more oil for my heavy oil. It is easy to see the ball’s motion with the yellow and black markings on the ball. You can also see when it flips. You can e-mail me with any questions regarding the Antidote.

James Alston

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

Sound engineer is my profession and bowling is a hobby, sport, and my great passion. Have plenty of memorable moments, experience, and frequently testing new bowling balls.

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